Mage - Doomcrew

Session Thirty Seven

The Bulwark of Shadow

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 12:45 AM – Interlude (The Emerald Scroll Tavern)

- Arachne and Okazo have one drink with Kronate and Otsuchi before heading back home.
- The Emerald Scroll is busy. Many mages that were at the Consilium meeting have come in their Legacy/Order attire.
- Kronate and Otsuchi decide to get pleasantly buzzed, but not inebriated.

- Geb arrives and approaches Davey Jones who is dressed in his full pirate getup. He orders a Sam Adams and drains the last of it on tap. Davey Jones heads downstairs to get another keg.

Kronate: Yo Geb.
Geb: What’s happening Kronate?
Kronate: Seeing you with The Nemean was the highlight of my evening. I don’t really go for all that political bullshit.
Geb: Me neither.

- While Kronate is engaged with Geb, Otsuchi scans the room for an Arrow to converse with. He sees Apollonia sitting with Cathubodva and Faustina. The latter two are getting up for a restroom break and Otsuchi uses the opportunity to approach Apollonia.
- Apollonia’s girlish good looks have faded, but she still looks young for her age. She has a toned athletic build and is soft spoken, if a little awkward. She was once a student of Ferrum’s, but after being mentored by him for awhile as a Perfected Adept she decided to follow a modified version of that Legacy and joined the Brotherhood of Ineffable Truth instead.

Otsuchi: Hello. Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Apollonia: Not at all. Have a seat.
Otsuchi (sitting): You’re an arrow in a non-Arrow cabal. How do you get the rest of your cabal to take security more seriously?
Apollonia (smiling): Usually by recounting tales of how things can go terribly wrong. What’s on your mind specifically?
Otsuchi: I’m sure you’ve heard about our run in with the Matrix Tappers.
Apollonia: Yes. You did a fantastic job of throwing them out of your Sanctum.
Otsuchi: We have a strong offence, but no one wants to have to eject someone from their home. I’m looking for stronger defensive measures…
Apollonia: Well for starters, there are ways of flavouring the mana of your Hallow so that others can’t use it.
Otsuchi: Yes, but that would take a considerable amount of effort.
Apollonia: True, but it would definitely reduce the appeal of your Hallow to outsiders. Hathorne Manor is a major source of mana and given the fact that you also own the Cipher, there are a lot of cabals out there envious of the Bulwark of Shadow’s resources.
Otsuchi: Fair enough.

- When Apollonia mentions the Cipher, Otsuchi remembers that Okazo asked Arachne if he could hold it for awhile after besting Eve and she gave it to him for safe keeping.

Apollonia: Also, don’t make the mistake that many cabals do of overlooking the usefulness of Sleepers, and Sleepwalkers as well if you can find them. Don’t just look to mages to handle all of your security needs.
Otsuchi: That’s good advice. Thanks.
Apollonia: Well, good luck with everything. Considering how well the four of you have handled yourselves until now, I expect everything will work out for you. It always pays to be extra careful though, especially when you have a coveted Artifact in your possession. But fair is fair and you guys are the rightful owners of the Cipher now according to the Lex, so I don’t think anyone will be foolish enough to try to take it from you.
Otsuchi (standing, noticing her companions returning): Thanks a lot Apollonia. I really appreciate it.
Apollonia: No problem. Say hi to Ferrum for me. He was a good mentor, but I simply decided to follow another path.
Otsuchi (bowing): I’ll let him know. Thanks again.

- Otsuchi heads back to wait for Kronate to finish speaking with Geb.

Geb: I was glad to hear that your friend won. He cleaned Eve’s clock pretty good.
Kronate (smiling): He’s good that way. That’s why we love him.
Geb: No doubt.
Kronate: But seriously Geb, if anyone other than you had told me that tearing down historical sites was going to improve the resonance flow in the city I’d have called bullshit.
Geb: I know you found it hard to swallow, but most of those places are nothing special. Just bureaucrats getting in the way or what has to happen.
Kronate (kidding): I believe you man. Just busting your balls a little is all. So what do you know about this asylum?
Geb: It was a pretty troubled place awhile back. Liches ran the place for the better part of the 20th century from what I’ve heard, and not to the benefit of the patients either. How much do you know about the Tremere?
Kronate: Almost nothing.
Geb: They’re a left-handed Legacy centered around consuming souls to maintain their youth. It’s pretty nasty business. No one knows their true origins, but some Tremere Liches are very old and powerful. There were at least a dozen in Boston at one time, before Chain Parris and the White Putnams used some clever methods to get rid of them.
Kronate: Let’s hope we don’t run into any that might still be hanging around Danvers while we’re poking around. How did Chain drive them out?
Geb: He made sure that all of the abuses at the Asylum were well publicized and investigated. The Sleeper authorities cut the Asylum’s funding and with no more patients for the Tremere to harvest they left the area. As powerful as the Liches are, without a steady supply of souls they too will succumb to old age and die.
Kronate: How often do they need to feed?
Geb: It depends on how powerful the soul is. Sleeper souls don’t sustain them for long, but the souls of the Awakened are highly nourishing to them.
Kronate: How long can a Sleeper survive without a soul?
Geb: They survive, but without a soul they eventually go mad. At least half the patients at Danvers were probably soulless and driven mad through their contact with the Tremere. I’ll probably be calling on you sometime soon. I’ve been following some leads of my own. There’s something going on in Roxbury that may be tied to whatever’s going on at the Asylum. You guys hook up with Cuchulainn and tackle the problem at the source. I’ll figure out what’s going on in the city. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.
Kronate: Ok. Later, Geb.

- Kronate and Otsuchi have another drink and fondly reminisce about defeating the Matrix Tappers.

Kronate: We made them our bitches and they paid us a hundred Tass for the privilege of milking our dicks!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 2:30 AM – Interlude (The Emerald Scroll Tavern)

- Kronate and Otsuchi call a cab to take them back to Hathorne Manor.
- They decide to discuss their earlier conversations with Geb and Apollonia.
- Otsuchi casts an improvised Forces spell to lower the output of their voices by 40db, so that the cab driver can’t quite make out what they’re discussing.

Otsuchi: Apollonia thought it might be a good idea to disguise the true power of the Hallow to outsiders. It might be difficult to make the spell indefinite though.
Kronate: We can investigate that.
Otsuchi: The other thing she suggested was to find Sleepwalkers to help defend and operate Hathorne Manor.
Kronate: We could ask around The Metropolis in the Astral for Sleepwalkers that might fit what we’re looking for.
Otsuchi: That might work. We could also look for them in occult bookstores or other places that those who have witnessed magic might be interested in. I’ve also been thinking that Ogma might know who some of the Sleepwalkers are in Boston considering how much he investigates violations of the Precept of Secrecy.
Kronate: Good thinking. I’ll contact him about it soon. Maybe buy him a donut even.
Otsuchi: Ok then, so back to the issue of disguising the Hallow. It’s probably going to take an eight hour ritual just to disguise it for a couple of weeks.
Kronate: It seems like a lot of effort. Maybe we’ll just do it when we’re going to be away for awhile.
Otsuchi: That might be all we have time for. We’ll have to think about it some more. It would be nice if the Seers overlooked our Hallow though…

- The cab pulls close to Hathorne Manor. Kronate signals for the driver to pull over, he hands him cash and a generous tip. They walk the rest of the way home.



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