Mage - Doomcrew

Session Thirty Four

The Bulwark of Shadow

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009, 2:00 PM – Interlude (Hathorne Manor)

Arachne: Tell me more about these cultists? How did you get mixed up in this?
Kronate: Hey, I did what I had to do. They were gonna cut up this woman and eat her. I called in Ogma, but I was on my own. I had to kill the guy. They were gonna kill an innocent Sleeper.
Arachne: Zee was going to eat this woman?
Kronate: He was leading this cult. They were going to kill and eat the woman. He’d already lured, killed and eaten a friend of my mentor.
Arachne: Were you tracking these guys down or something?
Kronate: I was tracking them down. I had already broken into Zee’s apartment. I stole a bunch of wild occult material from there. It turns out he was the head of a group of cultists. He had a man-beast guarding his apartment. It ran on all-fours like a dog and was covered in strange tatoos and it tried to eat me, but I took care of it. Geb said that the beast was a consequence of excessive cannibalism.
Kronate: Ogma gave me a lead to follow and I found the girl, but he was late and I had to deal with things on my own. I fought them off, but killed Zee during the fight. Ogma finally got there and arrested the others.
Arachne: When was this?
Kronate: Last Saturday.
Arachne: What else can you tell me about Zee and this cult?
Kronate: Sure. Well I got his hard drive and it had scans of all these ancient occult texts. Some of it seemed Egyptian. He and his sister had a scheme set up where they would lure people at the fringes of society away and carve them up and eat them. It was a bizarre cannibalistic cult.

- Arachne thinks back and realizes this might have been why they encountered the Chenoo (cannibal spirits) after battling the Shinje. They may have originally been attracted to Boston by the resonance of these cannibalistic activities.
- Kronate produces a sample of the occult writings he found on Zee’s hard drive and the cabal reads it.
- They contemplate further research into Zee and his cult.

Otsuchi: Kronate, there is something I heard from Ferrum that you might find interesting: He says that Potestas believes that you are close to uncovering something important and that it might be why he wanted our cabal to have the Abedju Cipher. I’m concerned that we might be chess pieces being moved around by the powers that be in the consilium. Do any of you get the same feeling from your mentors?

- Arachne feels that Cuchulainn is being straight with her and that he is not that involved with her to be manipulating her.
- Kronate feels that Geb is more hands on with him, and that Geb is working on something, but he’s not sure whether or not it involves him directly.

Kronate: The Big Dig seems to be Geb’s major concern.
Arachne: Cuchulainn is fairly up on what’s going on in the consilium and local politics, but my feeling is that at times they’ve taken an interest, like with the Cipher, but that they haven’t given us much assistance with the tasks we’ve taken on. It’s hard to say.
Otsuchi: Kronate, what’s the deal with the Big Dig?
Kronate: They’re digging a new transit system, but it’s taking forever and its messing up the resonance of the city.
Arachne: What’s the consequence of that? Who’s behind the Dig?
Kronate: It’s a city project. The knot in Ariadne’s thread is making it difficult for members of the House of Ariadne to trace things through the city. The House in Boston disbanded because of it.
Arachne: It sounds to me like someone, possibly a mage, is pulling strings behind the scenes to disrupt the resonance of the city using The Big Dig.
Otsuchi: I agree.
Kronate: It is what it is, but Geb is actively working against that disruption.
Otsuchi: Geb is a bit of a bringer, is he not?
Kronate: He’s a Master of Time and Adept of Fate. So yes.
Otsuchi: Doesn’t it tell us something if someone with Geb’s abilities hasn’t been able to do anything for all this time…
Kronate: Actually, Geb was out of commission for most of the last decade. I found him in a pocket realm outside the time stream.
Otsuchi: Maybe I’m being paranoid, but that’s part of a soldier’s job. Is the cabal in any danger from the machinations that are going on out there?
Arachne: It’s hard to say. I think we have to be on our toes, but we haven’t been directly threatened by anyone in Boston yet. That may change as we become more important players on the scene here.
Kronate: Do you think that the higher ups consider us lackeys?
Arachne: I’m not sure, but we need to put a stop to that if that’s the case. Being officially recognized should help us earn more respect.
Otsuchi: How much do you think we should be worried about The Big Dig?
Kronate: Like Arachne said, it’s hard to believe that mages aren’t involved somehow. Maybe some other non-mage party may be trying to mess with mages? Maybe The House disbanding is only a bellweather and not the intent of The Dig?
Otsuchi: Like an opening move or gambit?
Kronate: The loss of The House in the city is bad because things that are lost may not be found.
Otsuchi: Who would benefit from things not being found?
Kronate: It’s not just reflected here. It’s also affecting The Metropolis in the Astral: The archetypal city that is a huge library of knowledge often explored by Mysterium scholars and members of the House in particular.
Arachne: I will also point out that any manipulation of the ley lines in Boston is only to our detriment given the line of Justice that intersects our hallow.
Otsuchi: Well I didn’t necessarily want to make a big deal out of things, but everything seemed to be getting a little heavy. We should also discuss security:

- Okazo reports that he has re-established the Ward around the Sanctum and that network security is firm. Arachne has raised the Gauntlet strength as much as possible as well.
- Otsuchi suggests camera systems, better locks, and guard dogs. Otsuchi will work on redundant power via Prime and ley lines.
- Okazo says he’ll handle the electronic side of things.
- Arachne asks everyone how they would feel about servants along the line of those she used in the Obsidian Palace (zombies).
- Otsuchi says he would be fine with it as long as they found some way of acquiring the bodies without desecrating any graves.
- Arachne indicates that occasionally they come across corpses like those of the Banishers outside the Obsidian Palace and that she would be thinking more along those lines.
- Kronate asks if the corpses are tied to souls in any way and Arachne indicates that there is no connection, that they are merely vessels.
- Okazo suggests that Arachne just grab the Banisher corpses from the Palace. She says that she might.
- Otsuchi plans to learn the grounds better through regular runs around the perimeter.

Thursday, June 18th, 2009, 5:00 PM – The Bulwark of Shadow (Hathorne Manor)

- Otsuchi answers the door and a graceful lady of approximately 50 years of age is standing awaiting entry into the manor. She has a mature but slightly faded beauty, with honey blond hair that spills in luscious waves over her narrow shoulders. Her green eyes sparkle with wit and intelligence. She dresses well with clothing suitable for a lady of taste and high station.

Blanchefleur: Hello, I am Blanchefleur.
Otsuchi: Come in.
Blanchefleur: Oh, what a lovely house. So this is Hathorne Manor.
Kronate: Indeed it is.

- Kronate summons Okazo and Arachne.
- As Okazo enters the room Blanchefleur is impressed and sticken by him in some way and then regains her composure.

Blanchefleur (addressing them all): So I’d love to hear your story: How you’ve come to the consilium, and what you’ve been doing since.

- Arachne remembers that Blanchefleur is a Skald (a bard), so its not an unusual question coming from her.
- They consider their answers.

… to be continued …



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