Mage - Doomcrew

Session Thirty Eight

Danvers Asylum

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 10 AM – Danver’s Asylum (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne gets up before the others and begins making breakfast for everyone.
- The pleasant smell of buttermilk pancakes wakes the rest of the cabal and one by one they shamble downstairs into the living room.
- There’s some lighthearted discussion about flavoring the pancakes with the Tass berries that are now growing in Arachne’s Life-Demesne in the basement of Hathorne Manor.
- Kronate brings Okazo up to speed on his security discussions with Otsuchi from the night before.
- Okazo reiterates that the Sanctum Ward is still firmly in place.
- He considers upgrading the Ward to a Ban, perhaps against certain emotions like anger but decides to leave it alone for now.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 10:30 AM – Danver’s Asylum (Hathorne Manor)

- After breakfast, Otsuchi announces that he will be making his usual run around the grounds perimeter and invites anyone who wishes to join him.
- Okazo accompanies Otsuchi for about half the run and then heads back to Hathorne Manor.
- Upon his return, Otsuchi announces that he plans to teach martial arts and emergency medical care at the YMCA in order to look for potential security recruits.
- This prompts a discussion where the cabal confirms that the standard explanation to Sleepers for why they all live at the Manor is because it is a boarding house.
- Okazo recommends that they keep the story simple to avoid too many questions.
- Otsuchi warns the cabal that they are going to need to become stronger, faster. Too many people in the Consilium are aware and jealous of their resources.
- Kronate is less worried. He’s confident that the lesser mages of Boston could never attempt to take what they have and the more powerful mages are probably not as interested. The Nemean made it pretty clear to everyone that the Cipher belongs to the Bulwark of Shadow now.
- Arachne points out that they also possess the Mask of Hecate and Otsuchi reminds everyone that it is a powerful imbued item, but not a supernal artifact. Ogma is aware that they have it. As is Seer of the Throne Dr. Benjamin Imes.
- Kronate believes Ogma to be a friend of the cabal and that he went pretty easy on them during the Consilium meeting.
- Arachne guesses that many in the Consilium must be wary of the cabal and their quick rise to being such a focus of attention.
- Kronate tells everyone that he and Ogma have a working relationship where he provides him information on Sleeper activity in return for police information.
- The discussion moves from worrying about fellow Pentacle mages to concerns about the Seers of the Throne.
- Kronate asks Arachne how much the Pentacle can be counted on to help them against the Seers of the Throne or independent mages. She indicates that they might receive assistance, but it would likely come at a price. Over time this might change if they accumulate favours, so to speak.
- Arachne says that she will also nurture the Spirit of Justice so that it might be of greater assistance, and Otsuchi tells them of his plans to build up an armoury as well.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 11:15 AM – Danver’s Asylum (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate calls Ogma.

Ogma: Hey Kronate. Interesting night last night.
Kronate: I think it went fairly well for us.
Ogma: I’ll say. What are you calling about?
Kronate: Just wanted to thank you for taking it easy on us at the meeting. I want to talk to you about something else. We should get a coffee some time.
Ogma: Sounds good. Maybe a bite to eat instead? I’m busy for a few days, but later in the week sounds good. What day’s good for you?
Kronate: Thursday is probably good.
Ogma: Alright, we’ll do lunch. I know a great place.
Kronate: What kinda place?
Ogma: Pasta. You like pasta?
Kronate: Well enough.
Ogma: Talk to you soon.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 11:23 AM – Danver’s Asylum (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne gets a call from Cuchulainn.

Arachne: How are you?
Cuchulainn: Well, and you Sarah?
Arachne: Good. When do you want to get started on Danver’s?
Cuchulainn: That’s the reason for my call. Apparently Chain Parris would like to brief us before we start.
Arachne: Fair enough.
Cuchulainn: He’d like to meet with us later today at the Putnam Estate in the Back Bay area. He’d like us to be there around 2 o’clock this afternoon, if possible.
Arachne: I’m pretty sure we can do that.
Cuchulainn: Sorry for the short notice, but he seems eager to get started. The Nemean was fairly insistent last night.
Arachne: Yes. Do you want to meet us there?
Cuchulainn: Well, you could pick me up…
Arachne: Sure. No problem.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009, 1:10 PM – Danver’s Asylum (Putnam Estate)

- Okazo offers to drive everyone into town.
- Everyone casts appropriate defense spells in the Hallow before leaving.
- Okazo drives more or less West along county roads until meeting the freeway and heading north into Boston. He clears most of the city before getting off in North End.
- Cuchulainn is sitting, waiting on the porch of his brownstone duplex.
- Okazo takes them to the Putnam Estate, in Back Bay.
- Arachne recognizes the estate from previous Silver Ladder gatherings and casts her mind back to some interesting friendly Neo-Paganism vs. Christianity debates she’s had with Chain and other members of the White Putnam cabal.
- The house is walled with high unadorned stucco covered brick. It’s pretty plain in appearance, with humble flower gardens and short neat hedges that line the front door. The gates are open and Okazo parks in the driveway.
- Cuchulainn knocks and Magdalena answers. She is pretty woman with long curly black hair and traditional roman features. She has an olive complexion unblemished by cosmetics. She’s dressed in a plain pale green dress.

Cuchulainn: Hello Magdalena. We’re here to see Chain.
Magdalena (pleasantly): Come in. He’s been expecting you.

- She leads them into a large living room.

Magdalena: Have a seat. Make yourselves comfortable. Chain will be along soon. Would anyone like some tea?

- Cuchulainn, Arachne and Kronate decide to have tea. Otsuchi and Okazo have water.
- Magdalena leaves and returns with refreshments. She is half-way done serving everyone when Chain Parris enters from a side-door dressed in an expensive white suit.

Chain Parris: Hello and welcome. Sorry for the delay. I had something else I had to take care of. It ran a little longer than expected. I see that Magdalena has at least seen to some refreshments?
Arachne: Yes. Thank you.
Chain Parris: Let us begin then.

- The charismatic mage sits down in a large comfy chair next to the beautiful mahogany coffee table now populated by an expensive tea set.

Chain Parris: So The Nemean has set tasks for all of us and I’m here to answer any questions you might have. I’d like to explain how we handled things in the past as it might help you sort things out before proceeding. First of all, do you have any questions?
Arachne: Can you elaborate more on what’s expected of us?
Chain Parris: Sure. Cuchulainn here has noticed that ghosts have been visiting people of influence in the city and their origin appears to be the Danver’s Lunatic Asylum.
Arachne: Visiting Sleepers?
Chain Parris: Yes. People in government and powerful corporate executives. The Nemean believes these people are being blackmailed into tying up progress on The Big Dig.
Chain Parris (looking squarely at Kronate): The Big Dig is important, and more to some than others.
Chain Parris: The main concern The Nemean and I share is that the Tremere Liches may have returned to reestablish their base of operations at the asylum. This is something that we simply cannot allow to happen. You may know a little about the asylum, but it hasn’t been a functioning facility since 1992.
Cuchulainn: Yes. Chain is to be commended for the way he handled things. He simply applied the right political pressure by making sure that the abuses at the asylum were well publicized in the media. It was subsequently closed by the Sleeper authorities. A clever bureaucratic solution, if you will.
Chain Parris: You’re giving me far too much credit, my friend! It was hardly a one man show. Quite a few of my cabal mates and other members of the Ladder were instrumental in helping us supply the right incentives, so to speak.
Arachne: How long ago was that again?
Chain Parris: It happened back in the early ‘90s. We haven’t heard anything to draw our attention to Danver’s in quite some time. Given the present situation, perhaps we should have seen things through to the end. I can take some responsibility for the fact that maybe we were too proud of our own cleverness. We should have followed up with a more thorough onsite investigation it would seem.
Arachne: Have you heard anything from the Liches since? It seems unlikely they would have let that go without any retribution.
Chain Parris: The Liches’ cabal was called Dark Crossings. Rumour has it that most of them disbanded shortly after the asylum closed down. Dr. Calabresi, the original Tremere in the area, and their leader of sorts, apparently went West and has never been seen again. Some of his fellow Liches followed him. The Tremere don’t typically play very well together, but the asylum provided them an opportunity, a bounty of souls to feast from. They were able to put aside some of their natural territorial urges. The competition for souls is usually too great to allow that level of cooperation among the Tremere.
Cuchulainn (interjecting): The thing with the Tremere is that all of them have made a Faustian bargain. They have to feed often enough that they can’t generally gather together without drawing too much attention to themselves. It’s hard to harvest souls en mass from the general population without being noticed, especially by those of us who are Awakened.
Kronate: Do the Tremere respect the Veil, as the Guardians would say?
Cuchulainn: Not formally, but they have their own reasons for secrecy. After all, they do practice a dark art.
Chain Parris (emphatically): Their Legacy is abhorrent and an abomination, and believe me, if I thought that destroying them outright years ago were the best course of action, I would have championed that cause just as strongly as the more subtle and less bloody approach we chose. Though once they were driven from Danver’s, we did deal more forcefully with some of them. In hindsight it’s regrettable that we didn’t destroy them all!

- Though they rarely agree on religious matters, Arachne respects Chain’s passion to protect the souls of the innocent, which Arachne believes should be allowed to pass on into Summerland for eventual reincarnation.

Chain Parris (indicating Cuchulainn): In any case, we feel that something is stirring there at Danver’s and we shouldn’t take it lightly. I recommend fully investigating before venturing there. Liches can be extremely powerful for, unlike us, some of them are hundreds of years old. Despite their dark arts, nothing precludes them from acquiring vast knowledge of the Supernal.
Otsuchi: Chain, what would the Tremere likely do after being driven out? What might have brought them back? After all, there are no “loose” souls for the taking at Danver’s anymore.
Chain Parris: That’s a good point. Maybe they left behind some unfinished business?
Otsuchi: What exactly did the Sleeper authorities do? Is there a caretaker of the facility?
Chain Parris: It’s since been turned into a tourist attraction, but not many people go there. The government continues to fund it as such at the behest of lobbying from several historical societies. I’d like to see the place demolished. After all this time, Sleeper organizations can still prove to be a challenge at times.
Otsuchi: Maybe we’ll do reconnaissance by taking the tour.
Chain Parris: Good idea. I’ll follow up with some political investigation and try to find out who is lobbying so hard to keep the place open.
Otsuchi: Do you have any way of getting architectural drawings for the asylum?
Chain Parris: I’ll see what I can do. Should you go there, be wary of traps and whatever else the Tremere may have in store for Awakened visitors. The fear of such things is the main reason why Boston mages have stayed away for so long. None have ventured there, as far as I know.
Otsuchi (laughing): Naturally.
Chain Parris (catching on): It seems like the Ebon Noose want you to do their dirty work for them.

- Otsuchi and Kronate exchange looks, but save any further comments for the ride home.

Chain Parris: Danver’s was always a cesspool from it’s inception. It was not a place you would want one of your loved ones to visit. The Tremere merely added to the atrocities already taking place there. Be careful and call me if you need anything.

- They exchange their goodbyes and then Magdalena shows everyone out. “May God’s light guide your way.”



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