House Rules

Basic House Rules:

1) No starting Arcana > 2
2) No starting Gnosis > 2
3) A Firearms roll reflects usage of 1-5 bullets per roll.
4) You may split your Firearms dice pool with a cumulative -1 per target penalty.
5) No more than your Stamina in ritual castings per week.
6) Hallows give up their mana daily during play and weekly during extended downtime.
7) Accelerated XP – a second ST pool is gained at the same rate as normal XP to be spent by the ST on peripheral advancement.
8) Willpower is regained only by the use of Virtue, Vice, and at the end of a Story.
9) The Potency of any ritual spell cannot exceed its dice pool. There are no restrictions on Spell Factors (Duration, Targets etc…).
10) Ordinarily Apportation requires Matter 2 as well as Space 2 to port an object to you, but in our game you only need Space 2 provided you are just opening the portal, sticking your hand through and grabbing what you want. If you want an object to come to you via straight teleport then you need Matter 2 as per the usual rules.
11) The roll to regain consciousness from a coma cannot have a dice pool larger than the number of currently empty health boxes you have.

Advancement House Rules:

Gaining an Arcana at 3 dots requires at least 3 Arcana at 2 dots
Gnosis 3 requires an Astral journey
Gaining an Arcana at 4 dots requires at least 3 Arcana at 3 dots and one Arcana at 2 dots
Gnosis 4 requires a significant achievement in fulfilling your Legacy
Gaining an Arcana at 5 dots requires at least 2 Arcana at 4 dots, one Arcana at 3 dots, and one Arcana at 2 dots

XP Rules:

A character gains XP if he or she was present for that session, regardless of whether or not the player was present.

House Rules

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