Coven of the Summer Ash Legacy

Coven of the Summer Ash

In Wicca the afterlife is a place called the “Summerland” or the “Otherworld” where souls awaiting to be reincarnated dwell. Death is one of the purviews of the Horned God. This Legacy is based on helping lost souls find their way back to “Summerland” in order to maintain the balance of the universe. The Parent Path or Order is Thyrsus or Silver Ladder.


1st: Shadow of the Horned One:
Prerquisites: Gnosis 3, Death 2 (primary), Occult 2, Empathy 3
The witch can, as an instant action, gain the ability to see, speak and interact with any Twilight ghosts in her vicinity. She cannot however see or touch Twilight objects, only ghosts. This mimics the effects of “Speak with the Dead” (Mage: the Awakening, p.135) and “Touch of the Grave” (Mage: the Awakening, p.138) and lasts until dismissed reflexively by the witch.

Optional Arcanum: Spirit 1
If she also has Spirit 1 she can tune her senses to the spiritual undercurrents of the world gaining the benefits of “Second Sight”.

2nd: Glimpse of Summerland:
Prerquisites: Gnosis 5, Death 3
The witch can now temporarily restore the memories and mental faculties of a damaged soul. This functions like the Death 3 spell “Healing the Dead Mind” (Mysterium, p.194), granting the ghost its full memories of its past life as well as its intelligence. At Death 4 the effect can be made permanent with the expenditure of a Willpower dot. The spent dot can be repurchased as normal. Additionally, the witch’s touch can now heal a ghost’s ephemeral body, as per the spell “Restore Corpus” (Mage: the Awakening, p.141).

Optional Arcanum: Life 3
If the witch possesses Life 3 her touch can heal living things as well as the dead, as per “Healing Heart” (Mage: the Awakening, p.186).

3rd: Ecstasy of the Goddess:
Prerquisites: Gnosis 7, Death 4
It is said that Summerland is a facet of the Goddess’ mind, her ‘ecstasy’. By freeing her soul of Earthly bonds the witch can mimic that ecstasy as well, duplicating the effects of “Twilight Shift” (Mage: the Awakening, p.145). This effect can only be used during a waning or new moon.

None of the attainments cost Mana.


Spending at least an hour interacting with a ghost, meditating on death and the afterlife while seated in an open field under the moon, resolving one of the unsettled problems a ghost had in its mortal life, helping someone accept a loved one’s death, etc…

Concerning Ghosts:

1) Ghosts are ephemeral shells of once living people. The soul associated with that ghost cannot pass on into the afterlife without dealing with the ghost in some way.
2) Excorcising a ghost merely severs its anchor in the Fallen World and it moves on with the trapped soul into the Underworld.
3) Helping a ghost resolve its issues destroys the ghost and frees the soul to move on to Summerland in Stygia (the Supernal realm of Death and Matter) for later reincarnation.
4) The Coven abhor the Underworld as it represents a soul’s failure to reach Summerland.

Coven of the Summer Ash Legacy

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