Mage - Doomcrew

Session Nineteen

The Feast

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 4:00 PM – The Feast – Scene Ten (Small town near Waltman’s Neck)

- Everyone decides to re-evaluate the situation at an IHOP outside a nearby town 20 minutes down the highway.
- They replenish their personal stores of Mana along the way.
- Arachne takes 3 Mana from Grandma. Kronate snorts 3 powdered Tass.
- Kronate gives 3 powdered Tass to Otsuchi in return for a promise to teach him a Counterspell rote. Otsuchi converts this into Mana with Channel Mana [Prime 3].
- At the IHOP in a booth at the back they order refreshments and there is some deliberation about how to re-approach the town.
- Okazo casts a Ward around the booth [12 Dice → Potency 7].
- Arachne raises the possibility that Wendigo is one of the Uratha (a Werewolf) as the name fits and they are good with Spirits.
- Sisyphus tells everyone that it’s likely that Wendigo knows of their arrival given the Raven Spirit surveillance.
- Otsuchi suggests possibly altering their Auras to make them appear to the Ravens as Sleepers.
- Arachne and Kronate convince everyone that since they’ve already been detected, they may as well just stroll into town and have a look around.
- They finish talking, Sisyphus pays the bill and they drive back to Waltman’s Neck.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 5:30 PM – The Feast – Scene Eleven (Waltman’s Neck)

- The group arrives back in Waltman’s Neck.
- Otsuchi offers to Ephemerally Enchant any weapons so that they may affect beings in Twilight.
- Okazo accepts and hands him his Glock 17 [Prime 3 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 – 2 for 6 hours = 4 dice → 1 success].
- The main road slopes downward towards the docks area.
- Okazo notices a lack of chain restaurants in the town. He at least expected a McDonalds. Why would Gluttony come here?
- Most of the town is poor and run down and the fisherman appear to be barely carving out a living.
- Half-way into town Arachne notices a dead zone in the Ravens coverage near a used bookstore.
- She refreshes Spirit Tongue on the group and casts Second Sight on herself so that she may see objects in Twilight as well.
- There is nothing out of the ordinary in Twilight other than the Ravens.
- Okazo parks outside the bookstore.
- Kronate and Sisyphus pop out of the SUV and briefly enter the bookstore.
- It is dusty and dimly lit and the owner is a fat bald guy sitting by the register browsing the Internet. They head back outside.
- Arachne advises everyone to stick together in groups.
- Everyone else exits the SUV and the group splits up on foot.
- Kronate, Otsuchi, and Sisyphus head towards the docks and Arachne and Okazo plan to go into the bookstore.

- Arachne casts Sense Life – Uratha in the vicinity, but finds no trace of Werewolves.
- She calls over a nearby Rat Spirit and asks: “Where is the big Shiny named Wendigo?”
- The Rat Spirit freaks out and quickly runs away. Arachne and Okazo enter the bookstore and look around.
- A fisherman enters the bookstore to buy a book that the owner has in reserve for him.
- Okazo reads the man’s Aura and notices that he is especially hungry and Okazo ponders this fact.

- Kronate’s group notices a building down by the docks that is better maintained than all the rest. A sign indicates that it is Waltman Inn. There is also a post office nearby with a mail box outside.
- Kronate casts Winds of Chance and uses Exceptional Luck [6 successes → banks 1 into Karmic Bargain].
- A man named Jules Bagron comes out and introduces himself, and claims that Waltman Inn has the best food in “The Neck”.
- He asks them if they would like to stay at the inn and make dinner reservations.
- Kronate books two rooms for five people and makes dinner reservations for the same.
- He indicates that Sisyphus will pay, who frowns, but pays with his Visa.
- Jules thanks them, gives them keys to their rooms and tells them that dinner will be served at 7 PM in the main dining room.
- Otsuchi notices the traces of magic on Jules Bagron with Supernal Vision, and suspects that he could be a Sleepwalker.
- Kronate’s group heads back to the bookstore.
- Everyone looks around a little more and Kronate buys a random book – Egyptian Hieroglyphics and then they all leave.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 7:00 PM – The Feast – Scene Twelve (Waltman’s Neck – Waltman Inn)

- As they walk back towards the Waltman Inn they notice that the town is unusually empty, even for supper time.
- Okazo tells the group about the hungry fisherman and Otsuchi tells the group about Jules Bagron’s enchanted Aura.
- Jules Bagron greets everyone warmly and has them sit down at a large round table.
- As he distributes the menus he offers everyone wine and informs them that it is included in the meal. Everyone orders wine.
- Arachne orders a ton of everything. Kronate and Okazo order the beef stew and Otsuchi and Sisyphus order fish.
- Everyone finishes the meal and all agree that it was fantastic.
- Otsuchi has had many glasses of wine and is slightly inebriated [-1 on dice pools for 1 hour, +1 Willpower – Gluttony].
- Everyone orders the apple crumble for desert.
- Arachne decides to assess everyones health with Healer’s Trance [Life 1] and successfully notices the traces of a sedative in everyones bloodstream.
- Jules Bagron is still in the kitchen getting the apple crumble.
- Arachne takes 20 seconds and successfully casts Cleanse the Body on each member of the group [Life 2 + Gnosis 3 + High Speech 2 – 2 Sedative strength = 5 dice].
- Otsuchi’s full faculties return and he grumbles a little.
- Jules Bagron comes back a minute later with desert and is pleased that everyone enjoyed their food so much. Okazo scrutinizes his Aura and finds Jules to be genuinely pleased, but somewhat hungry.
- Everyone finishes desert and Arachne scans for drugs, but finds nothing.
- Arachne makes a show of being pretty tired. Jules: “Yes. The sea air has a way of taking it out of you my dear.”
- Kronate indicates that he’s bushed as well and heading to bed.
- Jules mentions that the dinner will be billed to their room and Kronate smiles at Sisyphus and thanks him for dinner.
- Everyone says goodnight to Jules and head up to their rooms.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 8:40 PM – The Feast – Scene Thirteen (Waltman’s Neck – Waltman Inn)

- The group gathers in the larger room and plans their next move.
- Arachne suggests that everyone pretend to be affected by the sedative and see what happens.
- Sisyphus agrees that this might help them get to the bottom of things.
- Arachne uses Suppress Own Life to appear dead for an hour, giving Grandma instructions to wake her in case of real trouble.
- After an hour she “wakes” and casts it again with a 6 hour duration.
- Okazo casts New Threads twice to improve his Sympathy with the hallway from Encountered to Intimate.
- Okazo has a Scrying window open in the hallway 15 yards away at the top the stairs leading up to their rooms. [Scrying is upgraded to Prolonged duration (one scene) → Space 3 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 – Intimate 2 = 5 dice, 1 Mana].
- Arache and Okazo wait in their room and Kronate, Sisyphus and Otsuchi wait in theirs.

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009, 12:10 AM – The Feast – Scene Fourteen (Waltman’s Neck – Waltman Inn)

- After several hours of waiting, Okazo sees eight men approaching with stun guns and flashlights.
- He sends a warning to Kronate telepathically with Voice from Afar: “Eight men approaching!”
- Otsuchi casts Influence Sound to listen in on the approaching men [Forces 3 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 – 2 Durability of Door = 5 dice → success].

Man 3 (quietly peeking into the first room): Bagron was right. They’re out like a light.
Man 1 (whispering): If these guy wake up it’s going to be ugly, so shut the fuck up.
Kronate (pointing a gun to Man 1’s head as he enters the room and flicking the light on): Not so fast.

- Grandma rouses Arachne, but she and Okazo remain quiet.
- Three men are in Kronate’s room and five are still in the hallway.
- All the men begin to react, but Kronate motions more forcefully that they better stand down and they hesitate.

Kronate: What are you doing here?
Man 1: Just looking for some extra cash and whatever else.
Otsuchi (standing tall): Drop your weapons.

- Men 1-3 comply.

Kronate (to Man 1): You better call off your dogs man! [Presence + Intimidation + Stare-down specialty → 3 successes].
Man 1 (Struggling – Oathbound → 2 successes]: Do what he says!

- Kronate’s Unseen Senses detect the presence of the Oath [Fate 3 → 1 success].
- Most of the men in the hallway stand down, but Man 4 tells Man 1 he’s sorry and feels compelled to enter Arachne’s room.
- Grandma moves to intercept him and attempts Possession [Finesse 3 + Power 3 + Willpower 3 → 4 successes vs. Resolve + Composure → 3 successes].
- Grandma takes control of Man 4: “Everyone take it easy.”
- The rest of the men remain armed, but wait for Kronate’s next move.

Kronate: What’ll it be?
Man 1: What do you want?
Kronate: Take us to Wendigo.
Man 1: I can’t do that. I’d rather get shot in the head.
Kronate: Are you sure about that?
Man 1: Let me call him.
Kronate: Slowly…

- Man 1 slowly gets his phone out and dials.
- Otsuchi casts an improvised Forces spell to listen in on the wireless transmission and succeeds after two attempts (6 seconds).

Man 1: The jig’s up. They were awake.
Wendigo: You fool! You’ve jeopardized everything!
Man 1: They want to meet you.
Wendigo: Are you insane? Don’t bring them here or I’ll have you slow-roasted alive!
Man 1 (nervously): Well what do you want us to do?
Wendigo: Let me speak with one of them.
Man 1 (trembling and handing phone to Kronate): Here.
Kronate: Yo!

- Grandma has Man 4 relax and make a big show of putting his stun gun away and a few of the other men in the hallway do the same.
- Okazo and Arachne exit their room, push past the men in the hallway and enter the other room.

Wendigo: What is the purpose of your visit to “The Neck”?
Kronate: We’re looking for a goetic spirit of gluttony we’ve traced here.
Wendigo: I may be able to produce this spirit for you.
Kronate: And?
Wendigo: I will as long as you and your friends swear an Oath to never return to Waltman’s Neck.
Kronate: We won’t be swearing any oaths. We’re not interested in being picked off from afar at your leisure without being able to fight back.
Wendigo: I understand your concern. Perhaps we can append a condition of “unless provoked” to the Oath?

- Kronate casts Glimpsing the Future while Wendigo is talking [1 Mana, 1 success] to aid in choosing his next words.

Kronate: Listen! You’re not in any position to bargain. Give us the spirit or things are gonna get ugly! [Manipulation + Intimidation + Willpower + Karmic Bargain + Superlative Luck → 9 dice with 8-again → 0 successes! → roll again from Glimpsing the Future → 0 successes again! ~ 1/600 chance – worst roll of the Chronicle].
Wendigo: Your gang antics aren’t going to work with me. I have something you want. Swear the Oath and you can have it.

Otsuchi (to Kronate): We should talk this over in private.
Kronate: Everyone get the fuck out!

- The eight men head to the bottom of the stairs in the foyer and Grandma has Man 4 sit down and relax and a few others follow suit again reducing the tension. A few of the men talk about “getting the real guns out”, but Man 4 is the voice of reason and says that Wendigo is negotiating so everyone should just cool it.

Okazo: I don’t plan on coming back to this shit hole anyway. I’ll swear the Oath. Doesn’t matter to me.
Sisyphus: Oaths are not to be taken lightly and I’m a little curious about the town, but it’s no bother by me either.
Arachne: Why should we swear an Oath to this miscreant? Forever seems too long, perhaps a year at most.

Kronate (relenting): We’ll swear an Oath not to return for a year unless provoked.
Wendigo (reluctantly): The tradition is a year and a day.
Kronate: Fine.
Wendigo: Then I will bring the goetic spirit of gluttony to you downstairs in one hour. In return, you will swear an Oath not to return to Walman’s Neck for a year and a day unless provoked.
Kronate: Agreed.
Kronate (after hanging up): Cocky fucker.

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009, 1:30 AM – The Feast – Scene Fifteen (Waltman’s Neck – Waltman Inn)

- Okazo opens a new Scrying window downstairs [1 Mana, Prolonged (one scene), no Paradox].
- There are two old pickup trucks, a police prowler, and several other beat-up cars parked right out front.
- At least a dozen men, including two police officers and the original eight men are waiting in the main dining room.
- Okazo warns the others that there could be real trouble if Wendigo changes his mind.
- Kronate tells everyone to stick to the plan [Minor Fortitude, Willpower gain of +1].
- Wendigo arrives with two armed men, a rail-thin starving dog and Jules Bagron in a cube van.
- The group cautiously makes their way downstairs.
- Arachne sees Gluttony loosely fettered to the emaciated dog in Twilight.
- Wendigo struts in and motions for one of his men to give the dog’s leash to Kronate, who then passes it to Arachne.

Wendigo: I’ve done my part, now swear the Oath.
Group: We swear an Oath not to return to Waltman’s Neck for one year and a day, unless provoked.

- Wendigo casts Sanctify Oath on the group [Verified by Kronate’s Sybil’s Sight – Fate Mage Sight].

Wendigo: Now leave, before I change my mind.
Kronate: Whatever.
Wendigo (to Kronate): Know that when the Drama of the Outcast Erinye plays out at last, my brothers and I will be ascendant. You live the lie, but soon the truth will present itself and the Drama will unfold before us all. You would be wise to show some respect.

- The group turns and leaves with the dog and Gluttony, not dignifying the diatribe with a response.

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009, 1:45 AM – The Feast – Scene Sixteen (Waltman’s Neck – Highway to Boston)

- Everyone gets in Okazo’s SUV and they leave town.
- Arachne queries Gluttony to see what state it is in. It just wants to go back across the Gauntlet into Shadow.
- When they get 15 minutes from Waltman’s Neck they pull over and Arachne “undoes” the loose Fetter.
- They lead the dog away from Gluttony and it fades across the Gauntlet back into the Shadow Realm.
- Sisyphus asks Kronate for his soul stone.
- Kronate reminds him that he promised also to help with finding Little Cedric.
- Sisyphus says that he still will, but that he’d really like the soul stone back.
- Kronate relents and gives him the stone.
- Sisyphus smiles and thanks him, holds the stone in the palm of his hand and concentrates, absorbing it back into himself.
- Okazo casts an improvised Mind spell to delay fatigue and drives back to Boston.
- Okazo (muttering to himself): “I just don’t understand why most of those people were so hungry…”



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