Mage - Doomcrew

Arachne Session Three

The Coven of the Summer Ash

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009, 6:00 AM – Arachne (Hathorne Manor)

- After dropping Otsuchi and Sisyphus off at The Academy in Boston, everyone else heads home and to bed.
- Arachne takes some time to heal the black lab (+2 Health) and feed it some ground beef.
- Having slept awhile in the SUV on the way back from Waltman’s Neck, Arachne only sleeps until Noon with the dog curled up next to her bed upstairs.

Saturday Afternoon – Monday Night

- Arachne muses about Silver Ladder politics and possibly meeting more mages from the White Putnams through Chain Parris. She concludes that it might be nice to get some tickets to a play and have Chain bring some friends.
- She plans to ask Otsuchi to help deal with the Pride spirit and see how he handles himself again, viewing him as a possible recruit into her cabal.
- Arachne also decides that she will need more money if she is going to stand toe to toe with other Silver Ladder mages in the Consilium. It won’t do to show up at official functions wearing six year old pant suits and driving a 20 year old station wagon.
- To that end, she devises a scheme to meet more Sleepers – neo-pagan would-be wiccans that might come from well to do families, with the aim of finding rich parents with incurable diseases that she might cure with Life magic for money.
- Perhaps forming a full Cryptopoly with the dual aim of fostering potential Awakenings from wild-eyed occultists.
- She decides that forming a wiccan club aimed at teaching “local wiccan healing practices” and building her credibility as a “natural holistic healer” would be a solid way to proceed, but first wants to make sure that she doesn’t step on anything that the Ebon Noose has developing in neo-pagan circles.
- Arachne notes that the neo-pagan Ebon Noose is based in Salem at The Covenant and rules the local Consilium through an alliance with Boston’s White Putnams, co-signatories of the so-called Secret Concord. The Illuminated Pentad also operates in Boston, from their skyscraper sanctum downtown.

- Tired of last-minute soul jar preparation, Arachne purchases two small model paint jars and creates two portable soul jars.
- On Sunday she purchases expensive $100 incense from Davey Jones at the Emerald Scroll.
- She burns this while performing an extended 6-hour ritual casting of Place of Power to strengthen the Gauntlet at the Sanctum by +3 [Potency 3, Size 40, Duration 14 Days = 3 + 2 + 9 = 14 successes needed, with 5 dice per roll]. The Gauntlet at Hathorne Manor is now 5.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009, 9:00 AM – Arachne (Hathorne Manor)

- Now a Disciple of Life, Arachne wishes to experiment with vulgar magic more frequently.
- Having experienced the Demesne at Cuchulainn’s sanctum she decides to petition him to help her create one.
- Arachne ponders Sisyphus’ foolish behaviour and decides that she will endeavor to be more responsible with her own Soul Stone.
- Realizing that the creation of a Soul Stone will limit her Gnosis potential, Arachne wishes her Soul Stone to be a true expression of her soul’s temporary need for segmentation and transformation into a physical form, before eventual enlightenment leads her soul into metamorphosis and eventual reunification.
- She determines a chrysalis to be the perfect embodiment of that idea. Her soul will be segmented, the physical part will form a temporary chrysalis to aid in her enlightenment, before making its final transformation and returning to the whole of her soul.
- Arachne sets out to create the necessary Fetch for the ritual.
- She summons a rank one caterpillar spirit from the sanctum grounds.
- Using Sculpt Ephemera conjunctionally with Spirit she shapes the spirit into an ephemeral chrysalis.
- She carries the twilight fetch back into Hathorne Manor and calls Cuchulainn.

Cuchulainn: Sarah! Good to hear from you. How goes the hunt for remaining goetic spirits?
Arachne: Excellent. Only Pride remains. Have you heard of an Obrimos mage by the name of Otsuchi?
Cuchulainn: I can’t say that I have.

- Arachne relays the tale of how Otsuchi became involved.

Cuchulainn: He seems fine enough from what you describe, but be wary of outsiders. Nevertheless, I trust your judgment.
Arachne: The reason I am calling is that I plan to create a Soul Stone today and was wondering if you could use it to create a Demesne for me here at the Manor afterwards?
Cuchulainn: Are you sure about this?
Arachne: Yes.
Cuchulainn: Splitting your soul is not a matter to be taken lightly. You’ll never feel quite the same without the whole of it, though I suppose I can’t forbid it given my own use of such methods.
Arachne: Do you regret your decision to forge a Soul Stone and create your Demesne?
Cuchulainn: No. I suppose not.
Arachne: Then do you have time this afternoon?
Cuchulainn (hesitantly): Yes.
Arachne: Shall I pick anything up on my way over?
Cuchulainn: I have everything I need already. See you at 1 PM. Come through the side entrance of course.
Arachne: Of course.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009, 1:00 PM – Arachne (Cuchulainn’s Lair)

- Arachne drives to Boston, nervous yet excited, carrying the chrysalis with her.
- Malpheus answers as usual and notices the ephemeral object.

Malpheus: What is THAT?
Arachne: The spirit of a hibernating caterpillar.
Malpheus: That is VERY interesting Arachne. Very interesting. I’ve never seen such a thing.

- The imp leads her to Cuchulainn’s laboratory.

Cuchulainn (smiling): Hello my ambitious student. So, how do you plan to go about it? I see that you’ve brought something interesting along.
Arachne: I plan on making the journey into my Oneiros and releasing an appropriate expression of my soul to help guide the formation of the Soul Stone using the ephemeral chrysalis.
Cuchulainn: It is the wisest way. Malpheus please get Mr. Wu for me.
Malpheus: Yes master.
Mr. Wu (right away): You summoned me master?
Cuchulainn: Please prepare the meditation area for Arachne.
Mr. Wu: Give me but a moment.
Cuchulainn (as Wu prepares): I will watch over you Sarah.
Arachne: Thank you.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009, 1:30 PM – Arachne (Cuchulainn’s Lair)

- Arachne begins the meditation with Cuchulainn’s usual aids, as prepared by Mr. Wu.
- After 3 1/2 hours she successfully plants the acorn, fells the tree and crosses the chasm of her astral threshold [1 Mana].
- She locates and captures a large caterpillar ready for metamorphosis and places it onto a large leaf in a quickly growing tree reaching into the sky. She looses sight of the leaf and newly forming chrysalis as the tree continues to grow ever upward and decides that it is time to waken from her meditations.
- With the thought of the chrysalis rising ever upward fully present in her mind she attempts to forge her Soul Stone using the ephemeral chrysalis as inspiration and succeeds [Wits + Occult → success].
- The soul stone fully resembles the ephemeral chrysalis and pulses with life.
- Arachne finds comfort in the symbolism and though she yearns to be whole again, she knows the chrysalis will lead to enlightenment and eventually complete its metamorphosis and return to her [No Wisdom loss].
- Cuchulainn is impressed, but it’s getting late [7:30 PM] and the Demesne will have to wait until tomorrow.
- Arachne thanks him again with a warm embrace, tells him she will see him at Hathorne Manor in the morning, and heads home.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009, 6:00 AM – Arachne (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne is satisfied with the way the chrysalis turned out, but decides that she would like to further disguise it with magic.
- She spends 4 hours in a successful ritual casting of Suppress Aura [Indefinite Duration, Potency 5].
- At 10:30 AM her mentor arrives.
- They briefly exchange pleasantries and then head into the basement.
- Cuchulainn is the primary caster, but Arachne will be accepting the spell’s maintenance as it is her Demesne.
- Arachne and Cuchulainn inscribe the Atlantean runes and then begin the ritual to create a Demesne attuned to the Primal Wilds.
- They succeed in just half an hour [Arachne → 3 successes → +3 dice for Cuchulainn → 8 successes, 5 needed, 1 Mana].
- The Demesne encompasses two rooms in the old basement – The Hallow and Arachne’s Lab.
- Arachne offers 1 Tass soup to Cuchulainn for his ritual costs and he accepts, as he is running low on Mana at the moment.
- Cuchulainn sits down and they chat as Arachne prepares some soup for her mentor from newly harvested mushrooms.
- Arachne is surprised when Cuchulainn tells her how great it tastes.
- She tastes it herself and agrees.



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