Mage - Doomcrew

Session Thirty One

Lines of Power

Friday, June 12th, 2009, 1:40 AM – Lines of Power (Hathorne Manor)

Kronate: Continues to run uphill towards the front porch, Glock 17 drawn.
Mary: Closes her Scrying window. Begins searching for Okazo’s portal to Khatvanga’s ship.
Pardy: Attempts to shake Grandma’s Possession, but fails.
Layne: DOWN
La Sombra: Attempts to heal Layne, but Arachne using WP and Otsuchi together reduce the Potency to 1 Lethal. Layne’s bleeding stops.
Tyrrhenus: Fires at La Sombra, but the bullet impacts harmlessly in her armoured chest.
Okazo: Fires his AK-47 at La Sombra’s head with EL, Destiny, and WP and opens an arterial wound in her neck. She collapses and is bleeding to death.
Arachne: See above.
Grandma: Commands Pardy to lay down his weapons.
Otsuchi: See above.
Oro: Retreats into the basement with Mary.

Kronate: Slows long enough to Scour his Strength for 3 Mana.
Mary: Finds Okazo’s Portal and casts Follow Through to successfully open it and spends an additional 3 Mana to mitigate Paradox.
Layne: DOWN
La Sombra: DOWN
Tyrrhenus: Covers Pardy.
Okazo: Covers Pardy.
Arachne: Moves toward her fallen enemies.
Grandma: Commands Pardy to strip out of his armour.
Otsuchi: Covers Pardy.
Oro: Waits for Mary to finish opening the Portal.

Kronate: Reaches the front porch of Hathorne Manor.
Mary: Moves through the Portal to arrive on Khatvanga’s ship.
Layne: DOWN
La Sombra: DOWN
Tyrrhenus: Covering Pardy.
Okazo: Covering Pardy.
Arachne: Nearly at the back door.
Grandma: Still forcing Pardy to disrobe.
Otsuchi: Asks Tyrrhenus to help Kronate at the front door.
Oro: Follows Mary through the Portal.

Kronate: Looks through the front window, but sees no activity.
Mary: Seals the Portal behind her.
Layne: DOWN
La Sombra: DOWN
Tyrrhenus: Moving towards Kronate at the front of the house.
Okazo: Covering Pardy.
Arachne: Reaches Layne, La Sombra, and Pardy.
Grandma: Finishes commanding Pardy to disrobe.
Otsuchi: Begins stabilizing La Sombra’s wounds.
Oro: Breathes a sigh of relief.

Friday, June 12th, 2009, 1:45 AM – Lines of Power (Hathorne Manor)

- Tyrrhenus rendezvous with Kronate on the front porch.
- Arachne aids Otsuchi in stabilizing La Sombra and tells him that “she can take it from here”.
- Okazo and Otsuchi grab Layne and LaSombra’s arm bands and put them on. They proceed into the house through the back door.
- Once she is alone, Arachne casts Devour the Slain on Layne. Her Nimbus flares and a Paradox erupts that she cannot contain. It is a Havoc that searches for another target for the spell. La Sombra is the only other eligible target and the spell inflicts 1 Lethal on her and returns a point of Mana to Arachne.
- Okazo casts Angle Vision and checks all of the open rooms on the main floor and upstairs and reports that they are all clear.
- Otsuchi tells Okazo to cover him, he’ll proceed first as he has the heavier armour.
- Tyrrhenus casts Decay (Death) on the front lock, it rusts out, and he and Kronate enter the house.
- Kronate has forgotten the Dispel trap on the front door and he loses his remaining Superlative Luck and Lucky Coin on his armour.
- The four mages meet up in the foyer in front of the basement door – the only remaining closed door in their sanctum.
- Otsuchi and Tyrrhenus cast Dispel on the trap leading to the basement and successfully dismantle it.
- Okazo casts his Angle Vision into basement and he finds it empty.
- Otsuchi goes to the base of the stairs and is now within the area of the Hallow and he spends a few minutes Dispelling the rest of The Matrix Tappers traps.
- Okazo casts Spatial Awareness and tells everyone that his dormant Portal is now collapsed. Mary and Oro must have used it to escape and then locked it behind them.

Friday, June 12th, 2009, 2:05 AM – Lines of Power (Hathorne Manor)

- As Arachne and Grandma guard the three prisoners, Okazo, Otsuchi, Kronate, and Tyrrhenus emerge from the house satisfied that Mary and Oro are gone for now.
- The cabal deliberate about what to do with The Matrix Tappers.
- Otsuchi raises the possibility of getting them to swear a Sanctified Oath somehow, to never return.
- Kronate guesses that Telurians that have been raiding Hallows for a year or more might have access to significant Tass.
- Okazo likes both of these ideas, otherwise he’s going to have to finish them off. He admits he feels much better after having critically wounded Layne and La Sombra and doesn’t see the need to take it any further as long as they can come to some other binding arrangement.
- Arachne is still upset about the invasion and thinks that the cabal should “wring their scrawny little fuckin’ necks as a lesson to everyone around that no one should even think about fucking with us again!”
- Otsuchi says that there’s no point in making long term enemies out of the Tellurians and that there’s definitely going to be a tithe to join the Consilium and that “these idiots could foot the bill”. Sixty Tass or so should go some way toward easing the pain of the last 24 hours.

Arachne: Sixty?!? It should be 200!
Layne (just waking up): We’ll swear the Oath and give you a hundred Tass. It’s all we have. I just want this whole fuckin’ thing to be over.

- Kronate and Otsuchi look at Okazo and Arachne.

Arachne (disgusted) & Okazo (amused): Fine.
Kronate: We’ll also need a copy of your research.
Layne (resigned): Right-o.

- Geb calls Kronate on his cel phone

Geb (humorously): Ariadne’s Thread has revealed to me that you might be needing me right now.
Kronate: Ariadne knows her shit.

- Kronate explains the situation to Geb.

Geb: I’m in South Roxbury at Jake’s Bar and Grill. Come get me.

- Kronate drives Okazo’s SUV to pick up Geb and returns an hour later.

Friday, June 12th, 2009, 3:09 AM – Lines of Power (Hathorne Manor)

- Geb tells Arachne she’ll have to raise La Sombra to consciousness and release Pardy so that they can swear the oath.
- Arachne rouses La Sombra and Grandma releases her control over Pardy and she is thankful for the rest.
- Layne, La Sombra, and Pardy swear to pay a tribute of 100 Tass within 7 days and to never again return to New England for the rest of their natural born lives.
- Geb casts Sanctify Oath to seal their Fate. “May Arcadia’s narrative unravel in a loathsome and terrible way for the three of you should you ever break your word”.
- At Okazo’s insistence, Layne calls out Sympathetically to Mary, but he can’t find her. She has likely severed all Threads with her old cabal.
- Arachne carefully studies Layne and believes that he is telling the truth and that this is the best they are going to do. Kronate agrees.
- Kronate and Otsuchi think it unlikely that just Mary and Oro would risk further conflict and accept the imperfect solution for what it is.
- Layne resists giving up his research, but Geb copies it with an improvised Prime and Matter spell, and he relents.
- La Sombra, Layne, and Pardy move to the outskirts of the manor grounds and Layne spends 30 minutes opening a Portal and they leave without further incident.
- Geb tells Kronate that there may be something useful in Layne’s research that may help with the Big Dig problem and makes a second copy for The House of Ariadne. He also tasks Kronate with picking McArdle’s brain for any other relevant Geomancy.
- Tyrrhenus tells Arachne that $15k ought to cover his contribution. She scoffs at his greediness and tells him he can have $10k. She reaches into her cookie jar in the kitchen and retrieves a roll of $100 bills and counts out $10k for a beaming Tyrrhenus.
- Tyrrhenus offers Geb a lift back to Boston and he accepts.
- The justice-flavored ley line moves back to its natural intersection with the sanctum’s hallow. The guardian spirit of justice rouses from its Fetter and basks in the renewed resonance.

Friday, June 12th, 2009, 3:40 PM – Lines of Power (McArdle’s House)

- Kronate loads the SUV with the weaponry and armour for return to Dr. McArdle. The cabal keep Layne, Pardy, and La Sombra’s armour and weaponry for themselves, for possible later use.
- He drives to McArdle’s house and approaches the front door.
- Ogola answers and escorts Kronate to the library.
- McArdle sees the grimoire and doesn’t immediately recognize that it’s a copy.

McArdle: I can imagine the look on Layne’s face when you took this from him.
Kronate: He certainly had it coming.
McArdle: … and Kronate I want you to know that my offer still stands. If you ever want to learn more about ley lines and geomancy, I’d be more than happy to mentor you in this fashion.
Kronate: I would be happy to take you up on that offer. I think it’s important to heal our city.
McArdle: True enough. Give me a call sometime. Pleased to make your acquaintance Kronate. Ogola will see you out.
Kronate: Sure thing.

- Kronate muses on the possibility of learning Geomancy more formally from McArdle.
- He returns back to Hathorne Manor.
- Otsuchi tells the cabal he will be presenting some of his security ideas for the sanctum very soon.
- Everyone rests, satisfied and confident that they are ready to formally join the local Consilium.



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