Mage - Doomcrew

Session Sixteen

Made Men

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, 10:15 PM – Made Men – Scene Seven (Warehouse 9)

continuing …

- Arachne holds the Atlantean disc aloft and says: “Bind!” [Gnosis 2 +3 + Willpower 3 vs. Greed’s Resistance + Willpower – Tie!] – Greed and Arachne are locked in a battle of wills.
- Grandma possessing Sniper 2 shoots at Sniper 3, aiming for a non-vital area and inflicts 3 Lethal.
- Okazo pushes through to Forces 2 and casts Nightsight on himself, Kronate, Arachne, and Sniper 2.
- Greed attempts to Possess Arachne but fails.
- Kronate steps back into the area of darkness and shoots at Sniper 1 and inflicts 1 Lethal.
- Sniper 1 fires back at Kronate (-5 darkness penalty, using hearing) and narrowly misses him.
- Sniper 3: “What the fuck are you doing Johnny!” and returns fire on Sniper 2 and inflicts 4 Lethal.

- Arachne continues attempting to bind Greed in the Fallen World and succeeds [1 Willpower].
- Grandma continues her gun battle with Sniper 3 and wounds him for 2 Lethal. He is bleeding from a big gash in his side.
- Okazo shoots Sniper 1’s gun in an attempt to disarm him [1 Destiny used], hits, but doesn’t exceed his Strength.
- Greed, now fully Materialized, tries to grapple Arachne to siphon Mana, but fails.
- Kronate decides to take cover and cast Karmic Bargain and succeeds.
- Sniper 1 fires blindly in Kronate’s general direction and misses [Chance die].
- Sniper 3 decides that he’s had enough and runs for a nearby 2nd storey window and opens it.

- Arachne attempts to sneak away from Greed in the dark with partial success.
- Grandma decides to let Sniper 3 get away and fires at Greed, inflicting 2 damage to its Corpus.
- Okazo shoots Sniper 1’s gun again and dislodges the firing pin causing a jam.
- Greed attempts to grapple Arachne again and misses completely.
- Kronate attempts to Intimidate the Greed Spirit: “The gig is up! You’ve been exposed for what you are! All of your buds are leavin’ you high and dry!” and partially succeeds [Greed realizes that it has lost valuable social resources and losses Essence].
- Sniper 1 sees this and realizes that everything is hopeless: Gun’s jammed, something is wrong with Johnny (Sniper 2), Mike (Sniper 3) already took off, and Paul (Greed) looks rattled. Time to get out! He starts heading to the same window Mike used to get away.

- Arachne, Okazo and Kronate all realize that stripping Greed of its resources (both social and physical) will weaken it so that it can be destroyed. Arachne realizes with Spirit that there is something anomalous about Greed.
- Arachne touches Greed and casts Destroy Object using Willpower with a small Area of Effect and succeeds in disintegrating all of its clothes. It still has a gun. Greed looses more Essence. There is no Paradox [1 Mana, 1 Willpower].
- Grandma heads down to ground level in Sniper 2’s body.
- Okazo disarms Greed by firing at its weapon [3 Destiny, 1 Willpower] and exceeding its Power (Strength). It losses the last of its remaining Essence.
- Desperate to regain Essence, Greed begins consuming something ephemeral and unknown.
- Kronate casts Evil Eye against Greed but fails [1 Mana].

- Arachne begins scrutinizing the spirit and learns that it is in possession of a soul that it is trying to devour. “Hold it down!”
- Grandma and Okazo succeed in grappling Greed and restraining it as it continues to feast on the soul.
- Kronate anticipates Arachne’s next move by casting Augury: “What will Arachne do next?” and points to the refrigerator in the corner.

- Arachne runs to the fridge and grabs a bottle of water and empties it on the ground.
- Grandma and Okazo continue to restrain Greed as it continues to feed.
- Kronate: “Hurry up! This bitch is hungry!”

- Arachne casts Soul Jar on the empty bottle and succeeds [1 Mana]: “Finish it!”
- Grandma puts her gun to its side and pulls the trigger and inflicts 2 Corpus on the spirit. Greed is squirming to free itself.
- Okazo shifts his grip and has one arm around Greed’s neck, puts his Glock 17 to its head and blows it’s head off [7 Corpus].
- What’s left of the body fades away. A twisted face erupts from the discorporated spirit before it is sucked into the nearby soul jar.
- The shadows return to normal and the light in the warehouse is visible once again.
- Grandma takes Sniper 2’s gun and Kevlar vest and gives them to Okazo to carry.
- Grandma releases Sniper 2 from possession and he runs away as fast as his feet can carry him.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, 10:16 PM – Made Men – Scene Eight (Warehouse 9)

- Arachne scrutinizes the soul with Soul Marks and identifies the soul as belonging to Tyrrhenus. It has suffered some damage, but is still mostly intact [1 Mana].
- Arachne indicates that she will check to see if anything can be done for McManus.
- Kronate suggests that Tyrrnhenus might still be alive and souless somewhere.
- Okazo attempts to Scry his location but doesn’t have any luck [1 Mana, no Paradox].
- Okazo will try again when they are back home and suggests they clean-up and get out of the area before any police show up.
- Kronate and Okazo are picking up shells when Arachne’s Nimbus erupts and she is forced to contain a Paradox (1 bashing).
- She says there is nothing she can do for McManus, but she will make it appear as if he fell to his death from the mezzanine and broke his neck [Corpse Mask, 1 Mana]. There is nothing that anyone can do about the minor blood stains from the sniper’s wounds.
- Arachne spends a couple of minutes binding Kronate’s wounds with Medicine.
- The group gathers what they can and heads back to Hathorne Manor.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, 11:06 PM – Made Men – Scene Nine (Hathorne Manor – Harbour Storage Facility)

- Okazo tries to find Tyrrhenus with Scrying from the Hallow. On his second attempt he manages to find him [no Paradox].
- He is in a locked storage facility at Harbour Storage back in Boston.
- Kronate decides to rest as the others go to retrieve Tyrrhenus.
- They bring two vehicles and sneak into the storage area and snip the padlock on the storage garage.
- Tyrrhenus is sitting in his own feces and eating dog food with a crazed look on his face. He has been souless for many days now.
- Arachne says that she will take him to Cuchulainn for restoration and healing, leads him to her station wagon and wraps him in a blanket.
- Okazo heads back to Hathorne Manor to keep on eye on Kronate who is fast asleep and recuperating.
- It was messy, but Greed has been destroyed and Tyrrhenus will live.



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