Mage - Doomcrew

Session Seventeen

The Bulwark of Shadow

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, 7:00 AM – An Offer They Could Refuse – Scene One (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne returns home after dropping Tyrrhenus at his car (he should be fine after a couple of weeks of rest).
- Kronate is resting, regaining 1 Lethal every 48 hours. His left arm is in a sling to take weight off his shoulder.
- Okazo is at work. Arachne wonders how long he will be able to keep up his Sleeper job alongside his Awakened life.
- At 10:30 AM Arachne makes a late breakfast for herself and Kronate.
- She then waits half an hour for Kronate to fully awaken before bringing up the subject of the Cabal and its formalization.
- She and Kronate loosely agree on the following, subject to Okazo’s agreement when he returns:

Name: The Bulwark of Shadow (unless something better presents itself before formally presenting themselves to the Consilium)
Creed & Purpose: Protecting the Fallen World from supernatural threats.
Oathsworn Duties: Protecting Hathorne Manor and remaining true to each other in return for sharing the Hallow mana equally.
The Great Rights: All of the ancient rights will be observed:
Right of Crossing: Let no borders stop an Awakened with a clear heart.
Right of Emeritus: Those who have earned respect must be treated with respect.
Right of Hospitality: Those who request hospitality must be granted it.
Right of Nemesis: When vengeance is declared, let none stand in its way.
Right of Sanctuary: Protect your home, and let no action cause it harm.
Cabal Roles: Okazo: Farseeker – Gatherer of resources & Doorwarden – Protector of the Cabal
Arachne: Hearthmaster – Sanctum maintenance & Edgetender – Nurturer of mystical resources
Kronate: Lorekeeper – Charged with storing the cabal’s history and knowledge

- At 3:30 PM Okazo is on an Internet install in The Fens (central Boston) and receives a call on his cell phone from the Boston Police Department. They ask him (as Elliot Hamlin) to come in for questioning at 5:00 PM and he says he will be there.
- He calls Kronate and Arachne to inform them.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, 4:30 PM – An Offer They Could Refuse – Scene Two (13th Precinct)

- Kronate decides to take Arachne’s station wagon into town so that he is only a couple of blocks from the 13th Precinct should any trouble present itself.
- Elliot Hamlin arrives for questioning and the desk officer has him sit and wait for about 15 minutes before an officer comes to get him for questioning.
- Special Investigator Benjamin Kent, a tall overweight man wearing tan clothing, introduces himself and ushers Elliot into an interrogation room.
- Elliot thinks he notices Kent acknowledge his audience behind the one-way glass.

Kent: Would you like a glass of water?
Elliot: No thanks.
Kent: Let me get straight to the point. Were you in the parking garage on Harrison Ave near the Boston Herald last night?

- Elliot hesitates.

Telepathic voice (to Elliot): Say yes. I’m here to help you.
Elliot: Yes.
Kent: Why were you there?
Voice: It was cheap night at the movies and you went to see the 10 PM showing of Avatar.
Elliot: It was cheap night at the movies and I went to see the 10 PM showing of Avatar.
Kent: Can anyone else verify you were there?
Voice: Tell him no.
Elliot: No, unfortunately. I went alone.
Kent: Do you know a man by the name Richard McManus?
Elliot: Never heard of him.
Voice: Did you kill McManus?
Elliot (in his head): No.
Kent: He died last night, not long after he was seen walking to his car in that parking garage. Your SUV came in right after he did.
Elliot: I’m sorry to hear that.
Voice: Who killed McManus?
Elliot (in his head): A spirit of greed had him gunned down and we dealt with it the best we could.
Voice: You and your friends need to be more careful. There are blood stains all over the place. You should have destroyed the body at least.
Kent: Avatar was a good movie. What happened to Sigourney Weaver’s character at the end?

- Elliot hesitates again.

Voice: She dies.
Elliot: She died.
Kent: Well, I’m not completely convinced about you. Don’t go very far. I might need to talk to you again. Get out of here.
Elliot: I’ll be around.
Voice: They’re planning to toss your SUV tomorrow morning after they get the warrant, make sure it’s clean. Be more careful Okazo. You owe me one. Ogma out.

- Okazo leaves the 13th Precinct, calls Kronate and tells him what happened.
- Kronate makes a couple of calls and sets up an immediate appointment with some “professional cleaners” that he knows.
- He and Okazo meet at Jackson’s Garage in Roxbury. For $500 Okazo gets his SUV cleaned of any evidence.
- At 6:30 PM Mercy calls Kronate and invites him and the rest of the Cabal to Shangri-La to meet Vision at 9:30 PM. He’d like to thank them personally for helping Tyrrhenus. Kronate checks with Arachne and they all agree to meet Vision.
- Even though they are already in Roxbury, Kronate decides it would be best to return Okazo’s SUV to Hathorne Manor when they pick up Arachne.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, 9:30 PM – An Offer They Could Refuse – Scene Three (Shangri-La – The Company)

- Okazo drives Arachne’s station wagon and follows the directions given to Kronate by Mercy.
- Shagri-La is tucked away near the Ruggles stop on the MBTA’s Orange subway line, just next door to Northeastern University in Roxbury. Located in a rundown but otherwise unremarkable tenement building, the sanctum also serves the cabal as living space.
The company
- Mercy greets them and leads the cabal to a comfortable room with a long oak conference table.
- Vision is seated at the far end in a high-backed chair with large arm rests, almost conveying the image of sitting on a throne.
- Vision is a clean-shaven man who looks to be of Middle Eastern descent, with long black hair that’s somewhere between badly tangled and almost dreadlocked, and dark circles under his eyes, as though he’s strung out on drugs or hasn’t slept in a week.
- Mercy remains standing to his right and asks them all to please sit down and they do.
- Vision speaks with a slight accent, but Kronate wonders if it isn’t all just part of the show.

Vision: Hello. I’ve called you here to thank you for saving Tyrrhenus. He and I owe you our gratitude and I would like to repay you with some information.
Arachne: Go on.
Vision (turning to Kronate): Kronate, I hear you are looking for Little Cedric?
Kronate (perking up): I am.
Vision: He came to see me when he first arrived in Boston. He was rattled by something he had foreseen but would not speak of it.
Vision: Also, he asked me if there had been any unusual murders of late in the heart of the city. I told him that I had not heard anything unusual. People die every day in Boston. It’s sad you know.
Vision: He said that he had walked Ariadne’s Thread and that there was an unusually high amount of cannibalistic resonance throughout the city. I told him that cannibal spirits were native to the area and have been for centuries. Everyone in the Boston Mysterium is aware of this.
Vision: We traded a few favours and then about a week before he disappeared he came to me with some research he had uncovered.
Vision (pulling two sheets of paper out of a fold in space): He told me to give these to you if you came looking for him. I decided not to… until now.
Vision (sliding the first sheet to Kronate): The first, he uncovered in New Orleans.

- Kronate quickly scans the passage:

“Noptholeta prepared for his journey across the sea to Rukhavira by instructing The Emerald Guard to travel into the City of Ash and bring him the oldest boy born on the Day of Sanguinous Joy. It was customary to engage in the Rite of Conscientious Consumation in order to gain insight and wisdom before a difficult diplomatic mission. The regal spirits set forth with all speed to carry out their lord’s orders.”

Vision (sliding the second sheet to Kronate): The second, he found during his research here in Boston.

- Kronate reads the other passage as well:

“Philogax slew his brother, tore out his still beating heart, bit into it and devoured it like a juicy plum. The red liquid poured out giving him strength and demonstrated to all who were present that their new Emperor would suffer no fools or insults. The people of Rukhavira would continue to honour the Scribe by remaining faithful servants and lead Cha’ annys to victory over Vah.”

- Kronate immediately notices the similarity between these passages and the one he found in the book he acquired from the dead mage Agartha while battling The Shinje. He gave the book to Potestas of the Brotherhood of Ineffable Truth [Intelligence + Composure w/Exceptional Luck – 5 success memory roll].
- Kronate decides to recall the passage more completely via Postcognition and borrows a pen from Okazo (Adam’s pen) so that he can write it down. He turns over one of the sheets of paper, pen in hand, and casts the spell [-2 Intimate Spacial Sympathy (himself), -4 Known Temporal Sympathy (spent some time in the alley) → 7 dice w/Willpower & Exceptional Luck → 4 successes].
- Kronate reads the passage over his own shoulder in the past in the Chinatown alley and writes it down:

“The monarch Noptholeta travelled across the ocean from Vah to Cha’ annys, the Land of the Broken Turtleshell with the aim of ending The 1,000 Years War, but Philogax knew that the Testament commanded him to consume his enemy according to the ancient sacraments. By right of the Sacred Kreleac he began his plans to fulfill that oath and agreed to meet the Cannibal King at Rukhavira. There he would end the war against Vah, and gain the favour of Khonsu-Tohut, but not in the way Noptholeta had expected.”

- Kronate also takes the opportunity to immediately Postcog to the meeting between Vision and Little Cedric that took place back in the Fall of 2008, but even with Willpower he is not successful and decides to wait before trying again some other time.

Kronate: Thanks for the info man.
Vision (to the cabal): It’s the least I can do after what you did for Tyrrhenus.
Vision: Which brings me to something else: The Company could use three highly capable mages like yourselves to bolster our ranks. Since you have not formally announced your presence to the Consilium, I thought I would give you an opportunity to put that aside and join me and the rest of my Company.
Kronate: We’ll keep it in mind and let you know daddyo.
Vision (a little disappointed, to Kronate): Also, one more thing. Stay away from the after hours gambling in Roxbury. Some of my games are coming back light. Hang out in the North End instead. I don’t have anything going on there.
Kronate (smiling): Guy’s gotta make a livin’ you know!
Vision (smiling back): We all do. Good luck in your search. Hopefully the next time we meet it will be under brighter circumstances.

- The cabal nods in agreement and heads home.
- Kronate takes the time on the way home to fill Arachne and Okazo in on Little Cedric.
- By the time their heads hit the pillow, they have forgotten again.



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