Mage - Doomcrew

Session Fifteen

Made Men

Saturday, May 16th, 2009, 1:30 PM – Made Men – Scene One (Hathorne Manor)

- After getting off the phone with Chain Parris, Arachne fixes herself a cup of tea and sits in the kitchen with a book.
- Kronate rises a little hungry and prepares a sandwich.
- They begin discussing what to do about the remaining spirits as Okazo enters the room and pours himself a bowl of cereal.
- Arachne suggests that there is not much they can do to help Amelia regarding Wrath so she is on her own for awhile, but that she is concerned about Pride being at large. Kronate agrees.
- Kronate raises the issue about formally inducting the cabal, but the three of them have yet to agree on a theme.
- The group discuss what they plan to do for the rest of the weekend. Arachne keeps her plans to herself, but intends to research more on Spirits, the Gauntlet, and Souls. Okazo indicates that he has worked with Eleggua once to learn his Scrying rote and plans to practice what he has learned before meeting with him again.
- Kronate tells them he will be spending the rest of the weekend trying to pick up Little Cedric’s trail.
- Arachne and Okazo react to this with blank stares. They can tell that Kronate expects them to know what he is talking about, but they have no memory of anyone named Little Cedric. Kronate is puzzled by this new development, recognizing it as a recent phenomenon, and wonders if some form of Occultation might be at work, but why the delayed effect?
- Arachne suggests that it might be mental tampering, but finds it strange that someone would erase the memory of Little Cedric from Arachne and Okazo, yet not from Kronate’s mind, considering that he is the one looking for him.
- Kronate resolves to spend time researching memory loss at the local Athenaeum – The Academy.

Monday, May 18th, 2009, 3:00 PM – Made Men – Scene Two (Hathorne Manor)

- Chain Parris calls Arachne. He tells her that he and Amelia were scheduled to have a meeting with Adam to discuss exorcising the Wrath spirit from her, but he never showed up. It is unusual behaviour and Chain asks that the cabal head over to his hotel and investigate. The group agrees to do so.
- Okazo suggests that he might as well at least try to Scry for him before they go to the trouble of trekking to Quincy.
- Okazo does not locate him [Space 2 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 – 2 Intimate Sympathy (hair sample) = 4 dice].
- The three mages pile into Okazo’s SUV and drive to the Holiday Inn where Adam is staying.

Monday, May 18th, 2009, 3:40 PM – Made Men – Scene Three (Quincy – Holiday Inn)

- Arachne and Okazo remain just outside. Kronate questions the manager [Manipulation + Persuasion w/Exceptional Luck].
- The manager reveals that Saturday night around 10:30 PM, he heard shouting and the sound of someone kicking in a door, and then screams. By the time he got there (which Kronate takes to mean – when he finally got over his fear) there was no one there.
- He called the police and they investigated the scene and instructed him to put a new lock on the door. Kronate asks if he can have a look around. The manager looks around for the key to Adam’s room (113), but curses when he can’t find it. He suggests that maybe it is unlocked as the police carted everything away in boxes and he doesn’t remember locking it.
- Kronate slips the manager a $20 and says he’ll take a look with his friends and goes outside briefly to let Arachne and Okazo in.
- The manager murmurs to himself about renting a movie on his way home and ignores the group’s activities.
- The group approaches the room to find it locked. Okazo casts Sense Consciousness [Mind 2 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2] but finds nothing within.
- Kronate contemplates picking the lock, but Arachne has her familiar open the door from the other side with its Telekinesis numen instead [1 Essence].
- Kronate knows that the incident occurred at roughly 10:30 PM and he spends a few minutes trying to find the right time to focus on. He finds a “null space” at 10:33 PM that lasts until 10:42 PM. Nothing can be seen within the null space with Postcognition.
- Kronate looks back before the gap to find Adam reading in bed.
- Arachne looks for special resonance with Second Sight but finds nothing of interest.
- Okazo uses Spatial Awareness and scans the room. He finds a warp in space behind the headboard of the bed.
- The cabal pulls the bed away from the wall to reveal a small wall cutout containing a paper bag.
- Arachne removes the bag and opens it to reveal a brass disc engraved with a 5-pointed Atlantean star and a note which reads:

“Hold this toward them and say the word “bind”, and they will be unable to escape. I’m sorry. -A."

- The group reasons that Adam must have left it for them. Kronate analyzes the hand-writing and concludes that the note was written in a hurry, under duress. Arachne theorizes that the brass disc likely binds vice spirits in the Fallen World so that they can’t escape across the Gauntlet back into the Shadow Realm. Okazo notes that the warp in space he detected earlier was merely a weak ward to draw attention to the hollow in the wall.
- Curious about what has happened to Adam and somewhat unsatisfied with the lack of answers, the cabal heads home.

Monday, May 18th, 2009, 5:00 PM – Made Men – Scene Four (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne calls Chain Parris to relay what the group has uncovered. Chain Parris worries that the presence of the null space might indicate that another mage is involved. He indicates that although Adam has been a loner for years and not particularly popular, he doesn’t know of any mage that might specifically be after him.
- Chain tells Arachne that he will check some of his Sleeper contacts connected with the Boston PD to see if they’ve learned anything from their own investigation.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, 10:35 AM – Made Men – Scene Five (Hathorne Manor & Maroni’s Italian Eatery)

- Tyrrhenus calls Kronate regarding their Wednesday meeting. He won’t be able to teach him the Counterspell rote this week as promised. Something else has come up and he needs Kronate’s help. He’d like to talk to the cabal in person over lunch at Maroni’s Italian Eatery in Boston’s North End. The cabal agrees to the meeting.
- When they arrive at the restaurant, Tyrrhenus greets them at the door warmly and thanks them for coming. He leads them to a special table he’s had prepared in a private area at the back of the restaurant.
- Tyrrhenus waits for the group to order their meals and then gets down to business.
- He recounts the story of Richard McManus, a reporter for the Boston Herald who specializes in controversial stories. Richard has been investigating reports of a group called NELS involving several high society people, including Tyrrhenus’ uncle, Louis Licavoli.
- Richard was aboard the Sir Stephen last Friday and took pictures of Uncle Louis, among others, and plans to expose NELS in the Boston Herald. “Uncle Louis’ wife would not appreciate these revelations.”
- Arachne chokes on piece of celery at the mention of the Sir Stephen. Tyrrhenus asks her about it, but she recovers by telling him that Gilbert Lancaster mentioned it to her at an antiquities auction she attended last week, and Tyrrhenus seems to accept her explanation.
- Tyrrhenus’ plan is simple: Confront McManus somewhere quiet and persuade him to drop the whole thing and find out where the negatives are so that they can be destroyed.
- Tyrrhenus asks Kronate if he will help in exchange for the Counterspell rote in lieu of the Tass they had originally agreed to.
- Kronate says he will help and Arachne and Okazo indicate they will as well. The cabal is interested in suppressing evidence that they were aboard the Sir Stephen last Friday.
- They decide to apprehend McManus after he leaves work that night around 9 PM and agree to meet up with Tyrrhenus outside the Boston Herald on Harrison Avenue in South Boston.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, 9 PM – Made Men – Scene Six (The Boston Herald)

- The group arrives outside the Boston Herald. After a few minutes Tyrrhenus taps on the window and he hops in the back with Kronate.
- At 9:10 PM McManus leaves work and heads towards a parking garage a few blocks down the road. They follow him to the 2nd level of the parking garage, Okazo verifies that no one is around with Sense Consciousness, and McManus gets his keys out.
- Arachne uses Shadow Sculpting to darken the shadows around her face to conceal herself [1 Mana].
- Kronate and Tyrrhenus jump out of the SUV and grab McManus and Tyrrhenus puts a gun to his back. “We just want to have a little talk.” They push him into the back seat of the SUV. McManus seems extremely calm under pressure.
- Tyrrhenus tells Okazo to drive to Boston Harbour, Pier 4, Warehouse 9.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, 9:35 PM – Made Men – Scene Seven (Warehouse 9)

- They park outside of the side entrance and Tyrrhenus unlocks the door.
- Okazo surveys the inside of the warehouse. It is a very large room with a mezzanine around the perimeter of the room.
- Tyrrhenus questions McManus under an overhanging light, interrogation-style, as McManus stares at him defiantly.
- The overhanging light is the only light source in the room.
- Okazo casts Emotional Urging – Fear to aid Tyrrhenus in his interrogation.
- McManus finally breaks down and tells Tyrrhenus where the negatives are located – in a safe in his office.
- Okazo reads his Aura and determines that he is telling the truth.

Arachne: “Ok. We got what we came for, I think we should be heading out.”
Tyrrhenus: “I’m afraid not.” (whistles)

- Three red lights appear on McManus’ chest.
- Okazo is surprised. Arachne dives a few feet and takes cover behind some nearby crates. Kronate warns the others and draws his Glock 17.
- McManus takes three bullets to the heart and dies.

- Arachne – Shadow Sculpting [1 Mana, Death 3 + Gnosis 2 + Willpower 3 – 2 for 4 yard radius = 6 dice → 2 successes → heavy darkness]. The Sleeper snipers believe the light went out, so this invokes no disbelief. She notices now that Tyrrhenus is the Greed spirit, but that it is not currently in possession of his body.
- Grandma – Travels up the mezzanine to Sniper 2 and successfully possesses him.
- Okazo draws his Glock 17.
- Greed attempts to possess Okazo and fails [Okazo used 7 Destiny dice to improve his resistance].
- Sniper 1 fires into the darkness and gets a luck shot in. Kronate is hit in his left shoulder [3 Lethal].
- Kronate steps to the edge of the darkness and casts Perfect Timing [1 Mana], uses his Karmic Pool and fires a shot at Sniper 3 grazing his arm [1 Lethal].
- Sniper 3 returns fire and hits Kronate’s right upper thigh [1 Lethal].

… to be continued….



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