Mage - Doomcrew

Session Eighteen

The Feast

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 10:00 AM – The Feast – Scene One (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate and Arachne work out a system using written notes for reminding Arachne about the memory loss phenomenon.
- Arachne suspects that Little Cedric created the memory loss effect intentionally.
- Okazo is at work and Kronate and Arachne decide to do more research regarding memory loss at The Academy in Beacon Hill.
- Kronate’s shoulder is healing [regains 1 Lethal].
- They get into Arachne’s station wagon and she drives North into Boston.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 11:00 AM – The Feast – Scene Two (The Academy – Beacon Hill – Boston)

- As they near The Academy, Arachne thinks about parking a few blocks down the street, but Kronate waves her on and casts an improvised Fate spell to find better parking [4 successes].
- A car is pulling out right in front of The Academy. Arachne takes the spot and comments that she still thinks Kronate could have used the exercise.
- They enter the foyer of The Academy and are greeted by Otsuchi, a 6’3" imposing man they have never seen before.

Otsuchi (politely): Please state your business.
Arachne: We’re here to do some research at The Library.
Otsuchi: I’m new around here. Could you tell me your names so that I can clear everything?
Kronate: I’m Kronate and this is Arachne. Talk to Agdos, she’ll vouch for us.

- Otsuchi checks his roster and notices that Agdos is indeed listed as still in the complex.

Otsuchi (into headset): I have two visitors – Kronate and Arachne – asking for Agdos.
Agdos (a minute later): I’ll be right there.

- After a few minutes Agdos arrives, looking attractive as usual, but Kronate keeps his cool.

Agdos (to Kronate): So what brings a troublemaker like you to our humble abode?
Kronate: I’m only trouble if you can’t handle it, baby. We’re looking to do some more research on memory loss.
Agdos: Cute. How goes the spirit hunting?

- Otsuchi’s ears perk up at the change in topic.
- Arachne and Kronate briefly fill her in on their recent successes regarding Lust and Greed.

Otsuchi: If you don’t mind I would like to talk about these goetic spirits you mention. I’ve also had an experience not long ago.
Arachne: You go ahead Kronate, I’ll catch up with you in a bit.

- Kronate follows Agdos to The Library, keeps flirting with her and softens her up [Manipulation + Persuasion → 3 successes].
- Otsuchi briefly describes his encounter with Gluttony to Arachne.
- Arachne says that she’s interested in hearing more and she exchanges numbers with Otsuchi.
- Arachne heads into The Academy and makes her way to The Library.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 11:45 AM – The Feast – Scene Three (The Academy – Beacon Hill – Boston)

- Kronate and Arachne spend several hours researching memory loss phenomenon.
- Kronate uses Fate magic to enhance his chances of finding something useful but only finds more of the same information on Mind magic [Winds of Fate, Exceptional Luck x 2, 1 Mana → 1 success].
- Arachne finds much of the same type of information, but also a little on Abyssal Paradox-related memory loss as well.
- Satisfied that they’ve found everything that The Library has to offer on the subject, they decide to leave.
- Kronate flirts with a receptive Agdos again on the way out and notices that she also has forgotten Little Cedric.
- Arachne invites Otsuchi out to dinner somewhere nearby when his shift is over and he accepts.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 3:35 PM – The Feast – Scene Four (Beacon Hill & Roxbury – Boston)

- Arachne and Kronate decide to stock up on groceries while they wait for Otsuchi to finish his shift.
- Kronate notices Arachne buying some live bait worms. “Hope those aren’t for us!”
- Arachne: “No. Not directly, at least.”
- At 4:15 PM, Jimmy the manager of the Motel 6 calls Otsuchi.

Jimmy: This is Jimmy from the Motel 6. Is this Eli Smith that stayed in Room 131?
Otsuchi: Yes.
Jimmy: I have some mail for you.
Otsuchi: Really? Ok, I’ll come by and pick it up.
Jimmy: Ok. I’ll be here all night.

- Otsuchi drives to the Motel 6 in South Roxbury to pick up his mail.
- Jimmy hands him a postcard. The picture on the front is of a large fishing boat. The card is addressed to Eli Smith, and the postmark is from a town called “Waltman’s Neck.” On the card, the words “Please help me” are written in tiny lettering.
- He uses Supernal Vision on the card to scrutinize the Resonance, but finds nothing unusual.
- Otsuchi calls Arachne and she suggests that they eat at a vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown to discuss the spirits.
- Arachne calls Okazo and he agrees to meet them at the restaurant.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 5:30 PM – The Feast – Scene Five (Sprouts Restaurant – Chinatown – Boston)

- They begin dinner and discuss the postcard and all of the events surrounding Otsuchi’s encounter with Gluttony.
- Arachne looks at the card and believes from the handwriting that the author was rushed and frightened.
- Kronate senses an Interconnection between the postcard and Otsuchi, which isn’t surprising since the card is addressed to him.
- Arachne excuses herself to go to the bathroom and calls Chain Parris.
- They talk a little about Otsuchi and the Gluttony spirit and Chain indicates that he has never heard of Otsuchi.
- He ends the conversation by simply warning Arachne about the spirit’s tricks and possible impersonations. “God bless!”
- Arachne finds it interesting that Otsuchi is not in a cabal of his own and ruminates on the possibility of recruiting him.
- Kronate asks if he can borrow the postcard so that he can view its past more clearly from the cabal’s Sanctum.
- Otsuchi says that would be ok and to call him in the morning.
- Arachne, Kronate, and Okazo head back to the Sanctum. Otsuchi returns to The Academy.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 7:15 PM – The Feast – Scene Six (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate finds the necessary sacrifice for his Postcognition ritual. There’s one less rabbit behind the Sanctum.
- Postcognition 8 + High Speech 2 – Intimate spatial sympathy 2 (has the postcard but the event was elsewhere) – Intimate time sympathy 2 (has the postcard but the event was in the past) → 6 dice – Fate is added to target the event.
- After 7 hours (two rolls) Kronate gains 5 successes and sees 15 seconds of the past. [I Finally have a good grasp of Spatial and Temporal Sympathy].
- Kronate sees someone who looks like Otsuchi writing out a postcard hurriedly, but the figure is lean and malnourished as compared to the real Otsuchi’s robust figure. The writer looks afraid and haggard, constantly checking over his shoulder.
- Arachne finds the lingering traces of a spiritual effect on the postcard. The cabal concludes that the author is the Gluttony spirit.
- Okazo attempts to Scry the Gluttony spirit, but fails [Space 2 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 – 10 Described → Chance Die].
- Arachne wonders if the spirit is emaciated due to Otsuchi’s hungry state, but concludes that it should be able to find gluttonous resonance fairly easily somewhere in America. She worries that it might be a trap.
- It’s 2:30 AM and the cabal decides to sleep on it and call Otsuchi in the morning.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 9:30 AM – The Feast – Scene Seven (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne calls Otsuchi and arranges a breakfast meeting to discuss their findings.
- The cabal is getting ready to leave when there is a knock at the front door.
- Kronate answers the door and recognizes Sisyphus standing there.
- Sisyphus politely requests that Kronate use up his three favours so that he can have his soul stone back.
- He emphasizes that he doesn’t wish to skip out on his obligations, but that being apart from his soul stone for so long is dangerous.
- Kronate tells Sisyphus that he can have it back right after he helps them in their current plight and helps him find Little Cedric.
- Sisyphus agrees to help them against Gluttony and that he will try his best to find Little Cedric.
- Arachne feels that the cabal doesn’t need any outside help, but she swallows her pride and welcomes Sisyphus’ assistance. [Goetic Struggle, +1 Willpower].
- The four mages pile into Okazo’s SUV and he drives into Boston to meet Otsuchi.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 10:20 AM – The Feast – Scene Eight (Sunny Side Up Restaurant – Beacon Hill)

- They meet together over breakfast and discuss their next move.
- Sisyphus asks to see the postcard and confirms that Gluttony wrote the card and seemed legitimately frightened when doing so.
- They deliberate about their options and decide that the only thing left to do is head to Waltman’s Neck.
- Kronate makes fun of Okazo, telling him it would take longer for him to create a Portal than for the group to drive the four hours.
- The five mages get in the SUV and head to Waltman’s Neck, a small fishing town on the coast.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 3:30 PM – The Feast – Scene Nine (Waltman’s Neck)

- The town of Waltman’s Neck doesn’t bother trying to capture the feel of a quaint fishing village. In fact, the image that it calls to mind isn’t rain-slicked docks or full, wriggling nets but that of a fish on the block, gasping for breath before it loses its head. The city is gray and ominous, and dark clouds are rolling in from the east.
- On the outskirts of town, Kronate casts Exceptional Luck on Otsuchi, Okazo, and Arachne [1 Mana, 1 success, 6 hours] and Superlative Luck on himself [1 Mana, 2 successes, 2 hours]. Sisyphus also uses Fate magic to buff himself.
- Arachne notices a flock of ravens in Twilight flying overhead circling the town. They are animal spirits.
- She casts Spirit Tongue on the group so that they can see the ravens and everyone decides to hold up before going into town.
- Arachne draws her compact with the Shard of Sheherezade and casts Lesser Summon Spirit and successfully compels one of the ravens on the outskirts of town to approach.
- The raven sees the cabal and uses its Chorus numina to communicate with the other ravens, as noticed by Arachne.
- She begins interrogating the raven in a friendly manner [Manipulation + Persuasion → 2 successes]:

Arachne: What are you doing?
Raven: Keeping watch. Keeping watch.
Arachne: What are you watching for?
Raven: Shiny people.
Arachne: Who are the shiny people?
Raven: You’re shiny.
Arachne: Who wants to know about the shiny people?
Raven: He does.
Arachne: Who is this spirit?
Raven: Not a spirit. He’s shiny too.

- Sisyphus casts an improvised Time, Fate, and Spirit spell to view the moment of the raven’s binding. He sees a 7 foot tall giant man with thick brown hair and light brown, almost yellow eyes. With a deep and commanding voice he binds the raven to his will, refering to himself as Wendigo.
- Arachne bids the raven farewell and it resumes its flight overhead. She comments that it would take a Spirit mage of great skill to bind all of these animal spirits.
- Sisyphus agrees.
- They sit in Okazo’s SUV on the outskirts of town, take a deep breath and drive into Waltman’s Neck. It’s getting close to dinner time. Maybe some fish would taste good.

… to be continued …



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