Mage - Doomcrew

Okazo Session One


Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 10:30 AM – Okazo – Scene One (The Fens – Boston)

- Okazo is hooking up high speed Internet service at a new sports bar near Fenway Park in The Fens area of Boston.
- Eleggua calls him to arrange another meeting so that they can teach each other their final science-based rote lessons.
- They decide to meet at The Fortress again on MIT campus in Cambridge on Sunday at 5:30 PM.

Sunday, May 24th, 2009, 5:30 PM – Okazo – Scene Two (The Fortress – MIT Campus)

- Okazo arrives on time at The Fortress, knocks, and Rennard answers. She is very inviting and indicates she would enjoy hanging out later. Okazo reciprocates his interest.
- She directs him downstairs to Eleggua’s research lab.
- Okazo passes Knave’s doorway on his way there and he seems deeply involved in solving some sort of mathematical puzzle.
- Okazo knocks on Eleggua’s door and Eleggua tells him to come in.
- Eleggua seems anxious to learn Okazo’s Warding rote. He tells Okazo that he thinks that Seers have broken through his lesser Wards already. He caught them briefly a few days ago.
- Okazo asks him why Seers might be interested in The Special Media Group and Eleggua says something vague about trying to make money and that the Seers probably didn’t like that. He is evasive about the details.
- Okazo thinks of Rennard’s well-being and tells Eleggua to be careful. Eleggua expresses concern that SMG is not ready for a confrontation with the Seers yet, but that Okazo’s Warding rote should prevent any further breeches.
- Eleggua brings up the Threnodist Legacy and that he too is looking to join and searching for a mentor. He says he’ll let Okazo know if he finds one and that perhaps they can join together. Okazo agrees that it would be good to pool their resources.
- Eleggua asks Okazo how the Vice Spirit hunting is going and Okazo fills him in. Eleggua tells him not to trust The Nemean or the Ebon Noose. He doesn’t want to bring The Special Media Group formally into the Consilium as long as the Ebon Noose and The Nemean are in charge. Chain Parris is ok, he says, but he pretty much does what The Nemean tells him to from what he’s heard. Okazo says he’ll keep that in mind.
- Okazo brings up the incident with Ogma and the police questioning and Eleggua tells him that he didn’t have anything to do with it and that Ogma is likely a Guardian of The Veil trying to cover up Mage activity to keep Sleepers in the dark about anything tied to the Consilium. He’s never met him though, so he’s not sure.
- Eleggua asks to see the Mudras (hand gestures) he taught him for the Scrying rote and Okazo performs them well. Eleggua is impressed and reciprocates by showing Okazo that he has been practicing the Warding Mudras too.
- They practice in SMG’s Hallow for another couple of hours and both feel satisfied that they have learned what they need to know.
- Okazo has learned Eleggua’s science-based Scrying Rote – Intelligence + Science + Space = 3 + 4 + 3 = 10 dice.

Sunday, May 24th, 2009, 8:35 PM – Okazo – Scene Three (The Fortress – MIT Campus)

- Okazo and Eleggua head to the main floor to have a drink. Knave declines, but Rennard joins in the conversation.
- They all make idle chatter for awhile and share a few minor stories.
- Babbage enters and decides to join them and it isn’t long before he begins talking about his World of Warcraft character.
- Rennard rolls her eyes Okazo’s way and tells him that she’s heard far too much about this character and that it just makes her want to get out of the house.
- Okazo offers just that and they decide to head down to the campus pub to get acquainted. Eleggua and Rennard exchange a glance, but Eleggua seems resigned to Rennard’s interest in Okazo.
- Okazo and Rennard leave The Fortress and begin walking towards the pub when they see a large 6’5" huge linebacker wearing full MIT football gear heading towards them at full charge.
- He yells at them to get down and helps them do this by bowling them over. He is incredibly strong.
- Okazo feels a sniper shot whiz by his head. He checks quickly to make sure that Rennard is ok and looks over at the linebacker who is reaching out to touch the archway of a porch leading to campus services.
- Okazo looks around and notices the gleam of a rifle and the shadowed outline of a sniper on the roof of a building across the street reloading for another shot.
- Okazo turns back and watches as a spark causes the archway to shimmer, revealing a path through a forest. The archway has become a gateway to… somewhere else [1 Glamour].
- The linebacker throws Rennard through the archway and she lands on the path and is surveying her surroundings.
- “Through the gateway. Hurry!”
- Okazo complies and jumps through the gateway as another shot narrowly misses him [Untouchable]. The linebacker is not far behind.

Sunday, May 24th, 2009, 9:12 PM – Okazo – Scene Four (The Hedge)

- Okazo helps Rennard to her feet. The linebacker is no longer veiled by The Mask.
- His true Mien is revealed and he appears in The Hedge as a 7’ tall dark blue Ogre wearing full riot gear instead of football gear [Hedgespun Fool’s Gold].
- Okazo feels a sensation of impending doom [Destiny Bane].
- Rennard’s reaction indicates that she can sense his doom as well and she seems worried.
- The ogre barrels ahead of them at a brisk walking pace, speaking in a deep voice.
- “We must keep moving! They’re sure to follow.”
- Okazo and Rennard look around in wonder at this new realm they have invaded.
- They are in a thick forest, the Sun about to set, with time seeming to mirror that in the Fallen World.
- They are on a wide dirt path with thorns and brambles on either side.
- The ogre is looking left frequently as if looking for something and guides them forward along the path.
- The mages notice that colours are becoming more vibrant as they move along the Trod and that twigs and leaves on the path are drying out from heat eminating from the ogre.
- Rennard remarks to Okazo that they must be in The Hedge, the gateway to Faerie, Arcadia’s fallen realm.
- They come to a fork and take the left and more overgrown path.
- Okazo takes Rennard’s hand to comfort her and to ensure that they don’t get separated.
- Ogre: “Let’s keep our sure-footed feet to the path and we’ll come out ok.”
- Okazo and Rennard brush occasionally against the Thorns at some of the narrower parts and feel them tear at their souls. The Thorns are metaphysically dangerous.
- Okazo and Rennard become more anxious when they realize this and the path narrows slightly, reflecting the psychoactive nature of The Hedge. They continue on in single file.

Sunday, May 24th, 2009, 9:36 PM – Okazo – Scene Four (The Hedge)

- Okazo looks up at the half-moon slowly rising in the sky overhead.
- The growing darkness prompts Okazo to cast Nightvision on the three of them [9 – 3 targets – 2 = 4 → 2 successes].
- Okazo’s Destiny Bane is in effect. He is -2 on all dice pools while in The Hedge.
- Ogre: “Thanks. Slow and steady now.”
- After another 10 minutes Okazo and Rennard get more comfortable. The path seems to widen a bit.

Okazo (to the ogre): Who are you?
Ogre: My name is Big John.
Okazo: Why are you here?
Big John: To protect you, of course.
Rennard: He’s a Changeling, I think.
Big John: Yes ma’am.

- The conversation is interrupted by the eerie echo of the howl of wolves.
- Big John: “Better keep moving. Slow and steady.”
- They travel another 15 minutes along the Trod.
- The baying is getting closer. The sounds are coming from all around them.
- Rennard grips Okazo’s hand more tightly.
- Okazo draws his Glock 17.
- Big John jumps 3 feet into the air and when he lands the Thorns recede in a wide 4-yard diameter circle around the three of them. The ground is scorched from his landing and Okazo and Rennard feel the heat wave eminating from their gargantuan companion, but are unharmed by the blast [1 Glamour].

Big John: Prepare yourselves. We’ll make our stand here. Stay calm and away from the Thorns. They’re coming. Briarwolves.

Sunday, May 24th, 2009, 10:02 PM – Okazo – Scene Five (The Hedge)

Briar wolf

- Big John readies for battle. He is listening for the wolves points of entry into the clearing.
- Okazo recasts Nightvision on the group and uses 4 Destiny dice [3 successes, eliminating all darkness penalties].
- Rennard casts Exceptional Luck on Okazo [5 successes].

- Big John moves to intercept two Briawolves entering the clearing on the left.
- The most fearsome aspect of Briarwolves is not their razor-sharp claws or their gaping muzzles full of jagged teeth. It’s not even the smell of old blood that surrounds them as a product of their preferred hunting style or the eerie echoes of their howls to one another through the Thorns. The single most terrifying thing about Briarwolves is that they’re human – or at least they were at one point. Their eyes retain a human aspect.
- Okazo renews his Mind Shield, but includes Rennard in the casting and uses 4 Destiny dice [8 – 2 – 2 = 4 → success].
- Rennard casts Coaxing the Spirits on Okazo’s Glock 17 [+3 on a shot of his choice].

- Big John and the Briarwolves are sizing each other up.
- Okazo casts Kinetic Blow on Big John [1 Mana. 1 success].
- Rennard is holding her action.
- Two more Briarwolves enter the clearing from the right, facing Okazo and Rennard.
- All four Briarwolves use Contract of Darkness – Creeping Dread [1 Glamour].
- Big John uses Willpower for +2 Resolve and is unaffected. Rennard and Okazo are protected from fear by the Mind Shield, but Rennard is still somewhat unnerved and suffers -1 to resist fear for the rest of the scene.



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