Mage - Doomcrew

Kronate Session Two

House of Ariadne

Thursday, June 4th, 2009, 2:00 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Roxbury)

- Kronate is sitting on the park bench where Geb left him to find Jenny McAllister.
- He casts Synchronicity and randomly selects words from random pages in Little Cedric’s apprentice guide [8 dice + EL → 5 successes].
- Kronate heads to the nearest soup kitchen by looking it up on his iPhone.
- He approaches a patron and asks if he has seen Jenny lately [Manipulation 3 + Persuasion 1 = 4 dice → 2 successes].

Patron: Haven’t seen her in awhile. Why do you ask?
Kronate: I’m looking for her. I have her jacket. I haven’t seen her lately and I’m worried.
Patron: She used to come here quite a bit. Try asking the serving staff.
Kronate (giving him a buck): Cool. Thanks.

- Kronate approaches the staff that are just beginning to prepare for dinner. He engages a middle-aged black woman.

Kronate: I’m looking for Jenny. Have you seen her around? I haven’t seen her in a while and I’m worried about her.
Woman: You ain’t the only one child. I gotta ask, who’s askin’?
Kronate: A good friend of mine Geb was asking me to give him a hand. He hasn’t seen her in a couple of weeks and he asked me to look for her. I owe him a favour, see.
Woman: I haven’t seen her either, which is mighty odd. Maybe she skipped town. Last time I saw her, she was unusually happy and content.
Kronate: Happy and content? Anything else?
Woman: ‘fraid not. I hope she’s ok, God knows the streets can be nasty.

- Kronate goes to the men’s room and casts Supernal Vision as a rote and looks around the soup kitchen some more.
- Nothing jumps out at Kronate resonance wise.
- He talks to a couple of other people who knew Jenny that don’t have anything more to add.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009, 3:10 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Roxbury & The Fens)

- Kronate walks just outside the door into the street and makes a big show of voodoo while casting Postcognition [1 Mana], much to the homeless peoples’ amusement. “Jenny McAllister, let the Fates reveal your location to me!”
- Kronate gets a vision of Jenny McAllister leaving the soup kitchen headed towards west Roxbury.
- He then successfully casts Moving Target to track her past movements [1 Mana] and continues to put on a show and drinks a potion of tass soup. A few other street people gather around [Sympathetic → Vulgar, Voodoo → No witness penalty]. No paradox rolled.
- He leaves the street people behind him and walks the path she travelled almost two weeks ago.
- She left the soup kitchen that night at 6:26 PM travelling towards west Roxbury.
- She stopped at a pay phone for a few minutes. At Gnosis 3 Kronate is beginning to feel the Threads much more acutely now.
- Jenny made her way to a Western Union at 7:53 PM and was inside for 9:33 minutes.
- She makes her way to The Fens and lingers at the ticket window of the main bus station at 9:16 PM.
- Jenny goes into Ricky’s pub on the outskirts of The Fens, not far from the bus station at 9:27 PM.
- She exits the pub at 11:49 PM, travels a few blocks and then turns down an alley.
- The trail ends around a grade entrance to a basement apartment much like Geb’s at 12:21 PM.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009, 4:45 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (The Fens)

- Kronate decides to Postcog to just before the end of the trail and views 3 seconds of the past [10 dice – 2 Intimate = 8 dice → 1 success, 1 Mana].
- Kronate views Jenny being grabbed from behind, struggling with a knife at her throat with a man in front of her to the right, calmly watching her fight for her life.
- Kronate scours his Dexterity [-1 Dexterity, +3 Mana].
- He changes his viewing angle and recasts Postcognition and views 15 seconds of the past leading up to Jenny’s struggle [5 successes, 1 Mana].
- Kronate sees the man walking arm-in-arm with Jenny down the alley and she seems content. He is a stylish reedy metrosexual man with an air of confidence about him. He is unusually well-dressed.
- They pass by the grade entrance, when a woman in her late twenties with a stout build comes up behind Jenny and pulls her down the steps, muffles her screams with one hand and puts a knife to her throat. She says in a hick accent, “There, there little girl. Nice and easy.” She slits Jenny’s throat. The man is non-plussed by the situation.
- Kronate returns home.

Friday, June 5th, 2009 – Kronate (Roxbury & Beacon Hill)

- Kronate decides to return to Geb to give him a progress report, but does not find him at home or any of his obvious haunts.
- He uses the spare time to do general research at The Library, supervised by a flirtatious Agdos.
- Kronate has tickets to the gala opening of an exhibit at the Sanderson Museum given to him by Apollonia of The Brotherhood of Ineffable Truth. He invites Agdos, but she reluctantly declines as she is scheduled to help Potestas with some research.
- He invites Arachne instead [see The Abedju Cipher].

Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th – Kronate (Sanctum & Graveyard)

- Kronate analyzes the Cipher and enters the Obsidian Palace with Arachne and Okazo [see Descent].

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 8:30 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Pay Phone – Roxbury)

- Not yet having located Geb, Kronate decides to continue his investigation into Jenny McAllister’s death.
- Kronate goes back to the phone where Jenny made the call on the day of her death.
- He casts Postcognition [9 dice → 4 successes → 4 minutes, 1 Mana].
- He learns that Jenny called home and made some peace with her mother and asked to come home. Her mother relieved, agreed to wire money through Western Union so that Jenny could use the money to buy a bus ticket home. Kronate notes the phone number Jenny called to reach home.
- Kronate suspects that the woman is a thrall to the man through supernatural means and that he has been preying on the homeless.
- He heads back to the pub where the man picked Jenny up to begin with.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 9:10 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Ricky’s Pub – The Fens)

- Kronate goes into the alley next to the pub and finds a side entrance to the pub with a padlocked door.
- He successfully and quickly picks the lock and enters the pub [Dexterity + Larceny = 5 dice → 9 seconds were needed].
- There is a keypad alarm system next to the door. Kronate casts Postcognition to view the last use of the pad and learns the code.
- He enters the code and disables the alarm.
- Kronate casts an improvised Fate, Space and Time spell to see where the man and Jenny first crossed paths.
- He then casts Postcognition to see their meeting.
- The man introduced himself to Jenny as Zee. He began seducing her with his looks and charm, and she seemed immediately quite taken with him.
- Kronate assumes that she left willingly with him and he goes back to the alley where she was killed, leaving the bar as he found it.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 10:05 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Roxbury & Back Bay)

- Kronate casts Moving Target to follow the path of the woman after she killed Jenny [1 Mana, +1 Mana Sympathetic Spell].
- He follows it out of the alley and down the street several blocks into the Back Bay area of Boston.
- She moved slowly and ended up at a middle class apartment complex called Bayside (ala Victoria Park Place) and entered the building, went up the elevator to the 8th floor and entered a unit there.
- Kronate brings up Google Earth on his iPhone and tracks her movement over several days.
- On the Saturday after Jenny was murdered, the woman went to Wal-Mart in the morning, Blockbuster in the afternoon and then she returned to Bayside until late Monday afternoon when she went to the Raymond Towers office building. She did the same on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She repeated nearly the same routine until the present. She is currently at Wal-Mart.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 11:00 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Bayside Apartments – Back Bay)

- There is minimal security in the building and Kronate rings several condos until someone lets him in.
- He reaches the 8th floor and picks the lock to her apartment successfully in 6 seconds.
- Kronate puts his gloves on, enters and notices that everything is nice and clean. It has an open concept with the kitchen and living room integrated. There is a semi-organized desk in the corner, a 46" plasma TV, a couch, two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is also a large door to what appears to be a small bedroom converted into walk-in freezer.
- Kronate hears some shuffling like there might be a large dog on the other side of the couch that he can’t see. He hears some heavy breathing and whatever it is moving closer to him.
- He draws his Glock 17. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty…”
- Upon hearing this it stops moving.
- Kronate: “I have no beef with you. I’m sure we can work everything out. I’m just here to talk.”
- The beast reveals itself and charges Kronate.
- It is a hairless beast with a human quality to it. It travels on all fours and has lips pulled back to reveal yellow shark-like teeth. There is ancient manuscript tattooed into its back, including some Egyptian hieroglyphics.

- Kronate casts Perfect Timing with Superlative Luck [+3, 1 Mana] and Glimpsing the Future [1 Mana], uses Willpower, Karmic Bargain +1 and Superlative Luck and fires his Glock 17 and lodges a fatal bullet in the creature’s stomach [Pistol 8 + KB 1 + WP 3 + PT 3 – Defense 2 – Armour 1 = 12 dice → 12 successes!].
- The beast drops and hits the ground and is bleeding to death [8 Lethal + 2 Aggravated, Stamina 5 → failed consciousnesses roll].

- Kronate feels bad about having nearly killed the man-beast in self-defense, and is frantically looking for bandages to keep it from bleeding to death and finds some in the bathroom [Self-defense + Remorse > Ruled No Wisdom check].
- He casts Beginnner’s Luck and gives himself Medicine 0 for his attempt at bandaging the creature. He succeeds and stops it’s bleeding.
- Kronate notices a shopping cart near the freezer that he hadn’t noticed before with a body bag and a blanket nearby.
- There is a picture of the woman and Zee on the desk. Kronate is attempting to move quickly before the authorities arrive after the gunshot is likely reported. He figures he has about 8-12 minutes [Streetwise + Wits → 3 successes].
- He casts Supernal Vision, but does not detect any active magic. He does feel a strong cannibalistic resonance, similar to that of the Shinje or the Chenoo.
- Kronate looks for Jenny in the freezer, but everything inside it is already skinned – at least a half-dozen dead people.
- He deliberates about what to do and contemplates letting the cops find the orgy of evidence in order to cause problems for the woman.
- On the desk, Kronate finds a folder called “Fragments – to be entered” and he opens it briefly to find several pages of what appear to be occult writings. He takes the folder for later study.
- He also finds “Having Friends for Dinner”, which is a well-used cannibal cookbook, spiral-bound like a low volume print run might typically be printed and he takes that as well.
- He then grabs the Mac Mini on the desktop, the photo, and some minor personal affects and puts them into a file box.
- Kronate stuffs the creature into the body bag and hefts it into the shopping cart and puts the blanket on top. He leaves the freezer door open, grabs his spent shell casing, and leaves the blood stain on the floor for the police to find. He puts an earlier addition of “Having Friends for Dinner” on the desk as well.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 11:09 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Bayside Apartments – Back Bay)

- Kronate wheels the shopping cart to the elevator, it opens, and the woman steps out of the elevator on her way back.

Woman (noticing the cart): Hey, what are you doing?
Kronate: I have no beef with you, but I need this body back.
Woman: Whatta y’all talkin’ about?
Kronate (noticing her pointy teeth): The police are on their way. You better be cleanin’ up before they arrive.

- The woman hesitates, then runs towards her apartment.
- Kronate casts Supernal Vision and determines that she has no supernatural aura of any kind.
- He takes the elevator down and continues on his way, gets half-way down the block when a police cruiser pulls up and two officers quickly head into the building.
- Kronate travels with the cart for several blocks and then transfers the contents of the shopping cart into the back of Arachne’s station wagon.
- He drives to Geb’s.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 12:05 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Geb’s Apartment – Roxbury)

- Kronate parks in the alley, just outside of Geb’s apartment.
- He recites three new historical facts to the Clockwork Mice and then knocks on Geb’s door and he answers.

Kronate: Geb. I have bad news.
Geb: What’s that?
Kronate: Jenny McAllister. I found her, but she’s partially in the stomach of a beast I have in the back of this station wagon.
Geb (somberly): That’s too bad. Jenny was a good girl. Sometimes when we follow the Threads they don’t lead where we want them to. Alright, let me help you get everything.
Kronate (unloading the car with Geb): I captured this creature, but the real predators are still out there.

- Kronate tells Geb about everything that has led him back here. He’s not sure what to make of the creature and whether or not it deserves to live.

Geb:You’ve done really well Kronate. Let’s bring everything inside and we’ll talk.
Geb (bringing things inside, noticing the Mac Mini): What exactly have you got here?
Kronate (lugging the body bag downstairs into the apartment): Just some stuff I grabbed.

- Kronate opens the body bag and pulls the man-beast out. It’s still breathing.

Geb: I’ve heard of this sort of thing before. Sometimes people who practice cannibalism end up like this.
Kronate: I’d assumed it was just some animal thing. I had no idea that the process might be reversible.
Geb: At this point it is little more than an animal. I don’t know if the process can be reversed.

- Geb is looking through the box of things Kronate grabbed.

Kronate: I saved it’s life in the heat of the moment, but I now realize that it is beyond redemption. Given the chance, this thing will continue to kill again and again.
Geb (handing him a knife): I agree. It is nothing more than a rabid dog at this point. Feel free to put it out of its misery.

- Kronate has made the decision to sacrifice the creature for Mana, as he reasons that it will continue to kill again. [Wisdom 5 (manslaughter) → 3 dice + 2 (Voodoo tradition) = 5 dice → success → no Degeneration].
- Kronate chants to Baron Samedi, drives the knife into its skull in one swift stroke and invokes Supernal power to capture its life force as its soul travels away to wherever souls go [+6 Mana].
- He feels bad about the creature’s situation and about what he had to do.

Kronate (presenting the photo to Geb): We need to stop these two.
Geb: We can deal with them and the rest of this stuff a little later. I think you’re ready to be inducted into the House now. You’ll be more useful in the investigation if you have Ariadne’s blessing.
Kronate: The House first. Then we will take action to keep these two from further feeding on our city.
Geb: We can begin in earnest.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 2:25 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Geb’s Apartment & Custom House Tower)

- Kronate suggests to Geb that contacting Ogma regarding the cannibals would be a good idea and Geb agrees to make the call later.

Geb: As a member of The Mysterium order I trust that you are familiar with the Astral Realms?
Kronate: Yes.
Geb: I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying: The city that never sleeps? Well people do sleep, and when they do they often dream together of The Metropolis. We will travel there, you and I, and walk the Threads of that great city together. Let’s go, we’re going downtown.

- Kronate and Geb get in the station wagon, and Geb directs Kronate to the Custom House in the Harbour District [].
- Geb tells Kronate that it used to be the tallest building in Boston and that he has rented the top floor suite for the evening.
- Their timing is perfect for checking in and they make use of the valet parking and enter the main lobby of the hotel.
- The woman behind the desk is skeptical when Geb tells her he has the suite reserved under the alias Donnie Darko.
- He pays her $630 cash.
- They ride the elevator to the top floor and the lavish suite encompasses the whole floor with windows all the way around.

Geb: It’s important when travelling to The Metropolis, if you want to get there quick, to spend some time in a place like this. From here we can get a really nice view of the Harbour to the east or the Charles River to the south and even THAT abomination [pointing west towards the Big Dig]. This isn’t the tallest building in Boston by any means, but it will suite our purposes. We’re going to spend the afternoon here soaking in the city until the sun sets. I just want you to look out over the city and reflect on what you see.
Kronate: Ok then.

- Kronate begins to meditate and reflect on the resonance of the city [Wits + Composure = 5 dice → success after a 1/2 hour].

Geb: There used to be a Hallow up here, but the Big Dig starved the energies coming into this area.
Kronate: Interesting how the Big Dig has disturbed the Ley Lines. This must have upset the natural order of things for many mages.
Geb: That’s definitely the truth.

- Kronate is feeling the Threads of the city and he watches the sun go down over the Big Dig.
- Geb tells Kronate that they should part ways for now, that he should go to sleep early in a Demesne, and that they will meet up later in The Metropolis. “Your dreams will take you there.”

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 10:15 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate makes his way back to Hathorne Manor. Arachne greets him, but Kronate indicates that he’s too tired to talk about anything before morning.
- Kronate asks Okazo to help him move a mattress into the basement so that he can make an Astral journey and Okazo wishes him luck.
- He makes a comfortable bed, burns some incense and candles, dims the lights, and puts on some urban techno to help himself relax.
- He also asks Arachne for some nice tea to help him sleep.

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 11:00 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate refreshes his buffs and then attempts to sleep and dream of The Metropolis [Wits + Composure + 2 = 7 dice].
- He slowly descends into his soul and can make out the lights of the city ahead and is now dreaming with purpose.
- Kronate is floating above a highway at night and making his way towards the city.
- He reaches a gas stop just on the outskirts of town.
- With a little more effort he enters the suburbs and makes a final push, weaving through traffic, soaking in the music and attuning himself more to the beat of the street.
- A final rush accelerates Kronate into the heart of The Metropolis [Astral Threshold, 1 Mana].

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009, 2:05 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (The Metropolis – The Temenos)

- Geb is sitting on a park bench next to a hot dog vendor, eating a big hot dog.

Geb (relaxed and smiling): Not bad for your first time. You’ll get the hang of it.

- He goes on to describe The Metropolis: The archetype of the city. It contains every city that has ever existed or been imagined within the realm’s boundaries. This realm is divided into a multitude of neighborhoods. Some consist of entire cities surrounded by open space, with the nearest buildings several hundred yards away; others are distinct portions of various real or imagined cities. However, even the most isolated neighborhood is within easy sight of all of the surrounding neighbourhoods — the entire realm is a single dense urban landscape. Some neighborhoods are surrounded by walls or lakes, and a few are even built in the midst of lakes or rivers, with canals as in Venice. The most fantastic neighborhoods hover in the air above most of the rest of the city, but all are part of the same vast realm. The Metropolis is one of the favorite haunts of a number of members of the Mysterium, who maintain that there is no end to the occult secrets held within this realm.

Geb: Sometimes when you’re following the Threads in the Fallen World, you can hit a roadblock, but many of those roadblocks disappear within The Metropolis. All of the abstract ideas that are difficult to pin down in the Fallen World come to life here. Nevertheless, investigating things here is not without risk. Not all of the secrets of The Metropolis are open to us.
Kronate: Interesting.
Geb: Let’s travel further into a dense part of the city known as The Arcology. We can get there by going through any dense urban area in The Metropolis. Let’s find Roxbury here and go from there.

- They locate a version of Roxbury in The Metropolis. There is an unusual number of kids playing in the streets. Some of these children appear to be ghosts. Geb mentions that Roxbury always has these peculiarities when he visits it in the Temenos and he’s been meaning to investigate, but has not yet taken the time to do so.
- There is a street hooker on a corner that offers to be their guide. Kronate imagines her offer in a sexual way, but Geb laughs and indicates that she is legitimately offering her services to guide them the rest of the way to The Arcology.

Hooker: I’ll take you to where you want to go, but you have to tell me an urban legend or an unusual story of some kind.
Kronate: I have a story for you.
Hooker: Go on.
Kronate: Back in New Orleans there was a kid on the street. His daddy was in prison and his mom was a crack addict. By the time he was in grade 4 he was dealing drugs on the corner.
Hooker: Sounds like a lot of the kids around here.
Kronate (continuing): He made it to the top. Then he realized that he was just a part of the machine. That he was responsible for continuing the cycle of the kind of life that put his dad in prison and sent his mom to an early grave. He decided to use his influence for good and put his efforts into helping the neighbourhood kids.
Hooker: Wow.
Kronate: Too bad it’s only an urban legend.
Hooker (smiling): Well, you got me there. Where are you looking to go?
Geb: Take us to The Big Dig, as it will be when it is finally finished. Not how it is today.
Hooker: The Big Dig? Finished? It’s hard to believe, but I can take you there.

- She leads them for a couple of miles and they reach The Big Dig just east of the Back Bay area.
- It is a magnificent sight to behold. Completely finished, with plenty of green space, a marvel of modern civil engineering.
- Geb bids her farewell. She walks off and Kronate tells her to be safe.

Geb: While you are here try to soak in as much of The Metropolis as you can. Feel the Threads. Attune yourself to this place, free of the entanglement of the broken Big Dig in the Fallen World, the Knot in Ariadne’s Thread.

- Kronate can feel it. He feels Ariadne’s Thread all around him. Here in The Metropolis, in the Temenos, the Thread is stronger.

Geb (pointing to the completed Big Dig): I’d like to think that some small part of this representation comes from my dream for Boston. Cast your senses out over the area. Feel the Ley Lines in their proper working order.

- He casts Paths of Power to see the Ley Lines in their perfect order. The Knot in the Fallen World does not exist here. Everything is as it is intended to be. He feels the great Boston neighbourhoods linked together like a vast interconnected network.
- Kronate attunes himself, his soul, to The Metropolis [1 Willpower].

Geb: Welcome to The House of Ariadne. I can feel it from you, that your soul is travelling down the path that we now share together.
Kronate: Geb, you have given me a great gift tonight.
Geb: The gift is The City. I am merely a guide.

- They part ways.
- Kronate wakes in the Fallen World.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009, 6:55 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor & Boston)

- Kronate is exhausted but can’t wait to feel the Threads of the city.
- He takes Arachne’s station wagon into Boston and spends a few hours walking the Threads, mainly in Roxbury, The Fens, and the Back Bay area.
- Kronate has attuned himself to the city of Boston. It now feels more like home than New Orleans.
- Satisfied, he heads home to rest.



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