Mage - Doomcrew

Kronate Session One

The House of Ariadne

May 24th – May 31st

- Kronate has fully healed from his injuries.
- He decides to get a real cell phone and not worry about changing phones, as he is not directly involved in gang activity anymore.
- Okazo has taught Kronate the rote for Perfect Timing [Intelligence + Composure + Time = 2 + 3 + 2 = 7 dice].
- Kronate has developed a Firearms: Pistol Specialization and is working towards Resources 2.
- He plans to broker information amongst the criminal underworld for money and increase his income from games of chance.
- Kronate is not greedy though and has turned his back on most Sleeper institutions, even before his Awakening.
- Sisyphus is leaving Boston. He likes to wander from town to town looking for interesting things. He recommends that Kronate look for a mage named Geb, the last known member of the Boston House of Ariadne from ten years ago when the House was still around.
- He describes Geb as a scrubby homeless guy [ala Forest Gump running across America].
- Sisyphus tells Kronate that the Boston Marathon was actually started by Weavers in the House of Ariadne to encourage Sleepers to run through and strengthen Ariadne’s Thread throughout the city. If Geb is still around it’s doubtful that he would miss the Marathon, as it is a hugely significant event for the House which they used to celebrate.
- This train of conversation causes Kronate to reminisce about how the House of Ariadne in New Orleans splintered when Little Cedric predicted the city’s impending doom from Hurricane Katrina a few years back. Most members of that House decided to head for cities with stronger Threads and brighter futures. Little Cedric, recently inducted as a Weaver of the House, was upset that so many of his kinsmen had abandoned New Orleans in it’s hour of need.
- Nevertheless, it happens from time to time that Houses disband as cities wax and wane throughout the tide of history.

Monday, June 1st, 2009, 9:30 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor & Marathon Route)

- Kronate starts thinking about the Boston Marathon, the most recent one having taken place in April.
- He decides to try to contact the organizers of the Boston Marathon and begins researching online, hoping to find Geb involved in that process.
- Kronate emails Kelly Stevens, the Organizing Director for the Marathon and tells her that he would like to be involved and wants to know more. Kronate notes that the route of the Boston Marathon has changed somewhat over the years. It was static for many years until about 10 years ago when the organizers began varying it somewhat. It starts in western Massachusetts and weaves through the city and ends in the Back Bay area just west of Beacon Hill.
- While waiting to hear back, Kronate borrows Arachne’s car in order to investigate the Threads implicit in the route.
- He arrives at the route and uses Paths of Power to analyze the Ley Lines along and near the route of the Marathon for several hours and finds that the static route of old ran right along the main Ley Line artery through the city, but that the Marathon has since moved off this main artery in places in recent years [Prime 2 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 = 6 → success].
- Kronate notes that The Big Dig interferes with many of the Ley Lines. It is a political, economic, and now geomantic nightmare.
- He surmises that the Marathon would have continued to adhere more closely to the main Ley Line artery had a member of the House of Ariadne been directly involved in the planning process. If Geb is around he’s probably not an organizer.
- Kronate guesses that the disruption of The Big Dig was probably the catalyst for the House disbanding in Boston, and that the Marathon has since deviated from the major Ley artery due to a lack of House guidance.
- At 4:12 PM Kelly Stevens replies to Kronate’s email and invites him to the next volunteer meeting on Wednesday, July 8th.
- Kronate’s long term plan is to rise through the ranks and make it onto the organizing committee so that he can eventually steer the route back onto the main Ley artery. He replies in such a way as to open the lines of communication with her.
- Now at a loss for how to proceed next Kronate returns back home for the evening.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, 9:45 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate tries to prompt a clue by using his dedicated magical occult book, selecting three random words on random pages by throwing dice and then casting Synchronicity [Fate 3 + Gnosis 2 + High Speech 2 + Willpower 3 + Superlative Luck = 10 dice → 8 successes, banks 3 into Karmic Bargain].
- Kronate takes this to mean Red Sox Win and types these words into Google.
- He wonders if this might have something to do with the Curse of the Bambino, but examines the results.
- Reading the first story he finds out that the Sox beat the Yankees last night 5-0 and the story reveals that a famous sportscaster is really glad they were away at Yankee Stadium, since the roof of the media booth at Fenway park collapsed last night.
- Kronate decides to go to Fenway park to investigate and casts Momentary Flux to analyze if the choice will be beneficial to him or not [Time 2 + Gnosis 2 + 2 HS = 6 → 3 success, banks 2 into Karmic Bargain]. He feels it is a good choice.
- He leaves a note for the cabal telling them that he is going to Fenway Park.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, 11:30 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Fenway Park)

- Kronate arrives at Fenway Park. A construction crew is beginning repairs on the roof of the media booth.
- He decides to pose as a small publication reporter for “XXL Magazine” and asks him if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions, and the foreman complies: “But make it snappy!” [Manipulation 3 + Persuasion 1 → 1 success].

Kronate: What happened?
Foreman: The roof collapsed last night around 7:30.
Kronate: How did it happen? Metal fatigue? Age?
Foreman: Mostly, but it didn’t help that neighbourhood street kids get up there all the time.
Kronate: Was anyone around?
Foreman: Thankfully no.
Kronate: Can I borrow a hard hat and snap a few photos?
Foreman: Sure. Maybe your story will scare a few of those nosy kids to stay away.
Kronate: Thanks.
Foreman (throwing him a hard hat): Don’t linger too long.
Kronate: I won’t.

- Kronate climbs the existing ladder and makes his way to the top and notices that there is a great view of the city from up there.
- Supernal Vision doesn’t reveal any resonance of significance.
- Kronate begins taking pictures with his phone. He notes that this would be a pretty good place to watch the Boston Marathon.
- He decides to use Postcognition with Fate added to view the collapse of the media booth roof, puts his head phones on and groves to the music so that he can mask his use of High Speech and hand Mudras in case any Sleepers are watching [8 + 2 HS – 4 Known Sympathy + Exceptional Luck = 6 dice → 1 success → 3 seconds, 1 Mana].
- Kronate sees the collapse of the roof and notes that no one was around when it collapsed and that it seemed like a natural event.
- He uses Postcognition again with Fate to view the moment when the Boston Marathon last passed by and sees Geb sitting on the media booth roof watching the Marathon with a big smile on his face as the crowd cheers the runners on. He is wearing a trench coat, has a huge beard and is sporting a Boston Red Sox baseball cap [6 dice → 2 successes, 6 seconds, 1 Mana].
- The foreman asks Kronate if he is finished and so he climbs back down and heads home to Hathorne Manor.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, 12:30 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor)

- Kronate slaughters a rabbit and decides to try a 10.5 hour ritual casting of Moving Target to track Geb’s movement from Fenway Park during the Boston Marathon to wherever he ended up that day [Space 2 + Gnosis 2 + HS 2 + WP 3 + Karmic Bargain 5 – 10 Acquainted with no True Name = 4 dice + chance die x 2 → 1 success, does not overcome Geb’s Gnosis + Composure roll].
- Kronate asks Okazo to try Scrying Geb as well, but he is unsuccessful.
- Somewhat dismayed Kronate heads to the Emerald Scroll in Roxbury to see if he can find out more about Geb from Davey Jones.
- Kronate arrives there at 11:30 PM and orders a beer.

Kronate: Do you have a minute?
Davey Jones: Sure. What’s on your mind?
Kronate: I’m looking for a mage that’s been underground for awhile and I thought you might be able to help me out?
Davey Jones: I thought you were looking for that other fella? Little Cedric?
Kronate (surprised that Davey remembers LC): Have you heard anything?
Davey Jones: I haven’t, but I overheard Ishmael tell Seraphim a few days ago about how your friend, that sly dog, managed to get into Khumeia’s pants while he was muckin’ about. No easy task, I can assure you.
Kronate: You don’t say… Who’s Khumeia?
Davey Jones: She’s an uppity bitch that leads the Illuminated Pentad. They’re based at The Lodge downtown. Not likely she would talk to the likes of you without an appointment though.
Kronate: Hmmm….
Davey Jones: But from the sounds of it you’ve lost someone else as well…
Kronate: I’m looking for a mage named Geb.
Davey Jones: Geb?! He and I go way back, but I haven’t seen him in months. Though the last time I did, he payed me a great honour.
Kronate: What was that?
Davey Jones: He asked me to hang on to his autographed 2004 World Series baseball cap; that if anything happened to him, he wanted a real Sox fan to have the cap.
Kronate: Do you think anything happened to him?
Davey Jones: Hard to say. He wasn’t that popular ’round these parts. Especially with those high society folk.
Kronate: I think you might be able to help me then. Do you think I could borrow the cap?
Davey Jones: Oh man. You’re a nice guy and everythin’ Kronate, but I don’t know… You wouldn’t happen to have any Tass would you?
Kronate: Indeed I do.
Davey Jones: Tell you what. If you promise to bring it back I’ll lend you the cap for a Tass.
Kronate: It’s a fair cop.
Davey Jones: Ok. Do you have the Tass?
Kronate: I don’t have it on me, but I’m good for it.
Davey Jones (handing him the cap): I know you are. Sooner or later everyone needs help at The Scroll. Arrr!
Davey Jones: We’ll talk to you soon. Don’t tell anyone I lent that thing to you. I’ll never hear the end of it.
Kronate: Not a problem.

- Kronate chats up Brenda the Sleepwalker bartender again and gets her to follow him back to Hathorne Manor on her motorcycle. They have sex and Arachne isn’t too pleased about the minor security violation [Lust, +1 WP].

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, 11:00 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Hathorne Manor)

- Arachne tells Kronate that he could have indulged his urges somewhere else, that it wasn’t smart, and that she shouldn’t even let him use her car for awhile, although she does [Minor Charity, +1 WP for Arachne].
- Kronate has a gigantic bowl of Tass soup [5 Tass].
- Kronate uses Moving Target with the Red Sox cap to attempt tracking Geb again [Space 2 + Gnosis 2 + HS 2 + WP 3 – 6 Intimate with no True Name + Superlative Luck = 3 dice x 2 → 4 successes, 2 WP, 1 Mana].
- After 7 hours of ritual casting Kronate traces Geb’s Marathon day path on the map from Fenway Park through The Fens, into Roxbury, not far from the Emerald Scroll onto a side street and then it trails off.
- Kronate puts the Red Sox cap on and drives to the path’s terminus in Arachne’s station wagon.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, 7:30 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Alley in Roxbury)

- The path ends at a dead-end alley in Roxbury.
- Kronate parks and then heads down to the end of the alley where he finds a basement apartment entrance near a fire escape, just past a dumpster.
- As he approaches the top step going down to the basement door, three polished brass mice approach quickly to intercept. There is a tick tock whirring to their motion and their eyes roll around as they move, giving them a deranged appearance.
- One mouse comes forward waiting for input while the other two hang back a pace and they begin to tick tock with increasing volume and frequency.
- Kronate steps back a few paces and the mice scurry back down into the basement well.
- He steps forward to attempt it again and the same pattern repeats, he steps back and throws a piece of trash at the door. “Hello down there.”
- No one answers.
- Kronate thinks about the mice and what he has read of mages with Clockwork assistants, often used as sanctum guardians [Wits 2 + Occult 4 + Mysterium 1 = 7 dice → 2].
- Kronate thinks there is likely a special method of getting past the guardians.
- He casts Postcognition with Fate added to look back to the “last time someone successfully got past the Clockwork Mice” [8 + 2 HS – 2 Intimate Sympathy with the Alley + Exceptional Luck = 8 dice → 4 successes → 12 seconds, 1 Mana].
- Kronate views a mage walk up to the top step. He has badly bleached hair, is a little shorter than average, scrawny, with a mustache and a small thin beard. He is somewhat flamboyantly dressed. The three mice approach and they begin ticking. He says: “Relax. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.” The mice rotate so that one of the side mice is now in front. “The Battle of Britain began in May 1941.” They rotate again. “The Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in many years in October 2004.” The Clockwork Mice seem satisfied and scurry back down into the basement well and the mage proceeds down the steps.
- Kronate guesses that you need to tell the Clockwork Mice new facts to get past them.
- Kronate approaches: “The notorious B.I.G. died in 1993. The Boston Marathon changed routes for the first time in 1997. The Egyptians first began using Hieroglyphic sentences in 2623 BC.”
- The Clockwork Mice whir back down into the well and Kronate follows them to a locked basement door.
- He uses Supernal Vision and notices that there is magic on the doorway. He then uses Sybil Sight (Fate) and discovers a Fate related Ban on the doorway, probably due to a Conditional Exception.
- He doesn’t expect to be able to Dispel it.
- He successfully picks the lock first, before dealing with the Ban [Dex 3 + Larceny 1 + EL = 4 dice → 3 successes, 2 into KB.]
- Kronate is at a loss about what to do with the Ban. He knows that it could be dangerous to attempt entry without first dealing with the Ban, but presses on anyway and hopes he can survive whatever might trigger from interacting with the Ban [Fortitude, +5 WP].
- He opens the door and enters. Nothing adverse happens to him.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, 8:10 PM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Geb’s Apartment)

- He looks around and sees a completely empty room, except for a little mould in the corners.
- Kronate scrutinizes with Supernal Vision and notices a spell emanating from near the center of the room [Wits 2 + Occult 4 = 6 → 6 successes over two rolls, 1 into KB].
- He then casts Temporal Wrinkles and determines that there is a temporal anomaly near the center of the room [Time 2 + Gnosis 2 + HS 2 = 6 dice → 1 success].
- He analyzes the anomaly and determines that it encompasses the whole room [Wits 2 + Investigation 3 = 5 dice → success].
- Kronate remembers the existence of Faerie Glades from his studies and guesses that the anomaly might be a Faerie Glade.
- He wants to analyze the resonance of the spell to see if Geb was the one who cast it.
- Kronate decides to Postcog back to Geb on top of Fenway Park with Supernal Vision active so that he can read his Aura [8 + 2 – 6 Intimate Sympathy with no True Name = 4 dice → 2 successes → 6 seconds, 1 Mana].
- Kronate reads his Aura successfully [Wits 2 + Occult 4 = 6 × 2 rolls → 4 successes].
- He analyzes the temporal spell with Supernal Vision and determines that it is Geb that cast the spell [Wits + Occult → success].
- Kronate decides to try the risky thing and Dispel the anomaly with a ritual [Prime 2 + Gnosis 2 + HS 2 + WP 3 + KB 3 + SL + EL = 12 dice, then 9 dice → 10 successes, success, 7 hours, 2 Mana].

Thursday, June 4th, 2009, 3:30 AM – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Geb’s Apartment)

- The contents of the room shift into view, including a man who looks like Geb sitting in an arm chair and reading a book.
- He immediately casts a vulgar Time Unmaking spell using rote mudras and his nimbus erupts revealing random dates springing forth and fading out like smoke accompanied by the whistling sound of fireworks. There is no Paradox.
- Kronate attempts to use Counterspell [10 + WP 3 = 13 → reduces Potency by 3] and then successfully resists the remaining Potency [Composure + Gnosis + EL = 5 → 3 successes]. Geb: Whoah?!
- Geb wins Initiative and casts the same spell again. He suffers 1 Bashing in order to absorb the Paradox.
- Kronate: “Wait! I mean no harm!” but is then frozen in time from Stop Time.
- Kronate comes out of stasis [Geb traced Kronate’s steps back through time while he was frozen and knows he is not hostile to him].

Geb (relaxed): Where did you get my hat? What brings you to my home?
Kronate: To answer your first question, I don’t think the Red Sox broke any curse, as there likely never was a curse. Second, I’m hoping that you can help me find someone.
Geb: You may be right about the curse, but can I have my hat back?
Kronate (handing him the hat): I can hardly say no to that, but Davey Jones will need an explanation.
Geb (putting his hat on): No worries. I’ll talk to Davey. So, tell me, who are you? State your business and tell me why you’ve undertaken quite a journey to get here.
Kronate: I’m looking for my former mentor and friend Little Cedric.
Geb: I’ve never met him.
Kronate: He’s from New Orleans.
Geb: I’ve only been there once, many years ago.
Kronate: I’m also interested in joining The House of Ariadne so that I may follow the Threads of the city myself.
Geb (pleased): I have to admit Kronate that I’m impressed that you were able to find me and to come as far as you have. It seems you have a basic understanding of how to follow the threads already. You might be a good candidate to join The House.
Kronate: That’s my goal.
Geb: It would be nice to have another member of The House around now that everyone has left in the wake of The Big Dig. There is a Knot in Ariadne’s Thread in Boston and it’s unpleasant to deal with.
Kronate: All challenges can be overcome.
Geb: It’s a good philosophy and I agree. I love this city and don’t want to give up on Boston just yet. So here I am, patiently waiting until all of this mess gets sorted out.
Kronate: We may be able to expedite that.
Geb: You never know, but there’s a lot of politics involved and peoples fingers in the pot, if you know what I’m saying.
Kronate: Indeed…
Geb (pensive, casting a quick spell): It’s almost four in the morning. Your journey’s been long and you should probably rest until morning. Now that I’m out of hibernation we may as well go out tomorrow and walk the Threads of the city.
Kronate: I would enjoy that.
Geb (pointing to a cot): You can sleep on the spare bed over there. We’ll pick things up in the morning.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009, Noon – The House of Ariadne – Kronate (Roxbury)

Geb: So, let’s see what the city offers us today. Why is it that you would like to join The House of Ariadne?
Kronate: My former mentor was a prominent member of The House in New Orleans and I was interested in following in his footsteps, as I too feel the call of the city. Little Cedric …
Geb: Little Cedric?

- Kronate realizes that Geb can’t remember him for long either.

Kronate: My former mentor is obscured with magic and other auguries have suggested that joining The House would be the best way to find him. Beyond that I feel that the call of the streets is in my blood, even before I Awakened I think I could feel the Threads calling to me.
Geb: The Metropolitan runs deep in you. How far have you come in your understanding? For my part I am a Master of Time, Adept of Fate, and Disciple of Matter.
Kronate: I am a Disciple of Fate and Apprentice of Time.
Geb: What did you think of my Mice?
Kronate: I proceeded with caution. I knew that you did not want to be found easily and was wary of them even without knowing their capabilities.
Geb: Well, you were wise in that. They are the crafted works of no less than Ashar’Arif himself.

- Kronate recognizes Ashar’Arif as a Middle Eastern mage craftsman, famous for his Clockwork creations.

Geb: Most trying to locate me don’t get past the Clockwork Mice. Who did you see when you looked back regarding the Mice?

- Kronate describes the man.

Geb: Oh. That must have been Ishmael. He’s one of Davey Jones cohorts. He’s a friend of mine. One second…

- He looks around briefly and finds a loose stone and pulls it out to reveal a letter written to him by Ishmael.

Geb: He was just letting me know to come see him now that I’m out of my Glade. He’s found an obscure Rote that I might be interested in apparently.

- Geb and Kronate leave through the alleyway into Roxbury at a slow walking pace.

Geb: So as an Apprentice of Time, you’ve likely seen much of the past and little of the future.
Kronate: Indeed.
Geb: Yes, it’s a basic fact of Time that the past is infinitely knowable, yet impossible to change.
Kronate: That’s certainly what Sleepers believe and so far my knowledge in the Awakened realm wouldn’t contradict that.
Geb: Yes, and the corollary to this theory of course is that the future is infinitely malleable, yet impossible to know with certainty. This represents the Duality of Time Hypothesis.
Geb: When you follow the Threads there will always be obstacles in your path. For instance, The Seers don’t much like us. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were responsible for The Big Dig to confound us and slow down the flow of information.
Kronate: My cabal is more or less aligned against The Seers efforts to control the fates and lives of Sleepers.
Geb: Well we share this in common, but I think I wouldn’t be telling you something you didn’t already know if I said that you and your cohorts are not yet ready to confront Seers directly.
Kronate: Fair enough, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step as you know.
Geb: True, so let us continue on as there are many steps before us.
Geb: The main thing that is important that I’m sure you must already realize is that the city does not lie. It knows the comings and goings of all people and things that pass through it and reveals them to those of The House. It’s very important that a member of The House maintain the truth of the city when reporting his findings.
Kronate: I understand.
Geb: Although I haven’t made my decision yet, you do seem like an excellent prospect for joining The House.
Kronate: Thanks.
Geb: While we’re out there are some old friends I wouldn’t mind checking in with.

- Some homeless folk are hanging around a burning barrel at the mouth of an alley more out of habit than any need for warmth.

Homeless Man 1: Geb! Good to see you. I thought you’d disappeared for good. It’s been months.
Geb: Nah. I’m still around. What have you guys been up to?
Homeless Man 2: The usual Geb. We’re probably going to head down to the soup kitchen in a bit if you want to join us.
Geb: No thanks. You guys go ahead. You need to keep up your strength.
Geb: Where’s Jenny? I haven’t seen her in awhile.
Homeless Man 1 (pointing to a pile of things): She disappeared two weeks ago… today .. actually. It’s strange because she left all her shit here.
Geb: Really? That’s not like her.
Homeless Man 2: Yeah, I know. And from what I hear she’s not the only one. A couple street people up in The Fens disappeared too awhile back from what I’m told.

- Geb walks over to Jenny’s things and picks up a spring jacket.

Geb: If she shows up again let me know and I’ll get her jacket back, but I know a girl that needs this up in the North End area if you don’t mind?
Homeless Man 2 (resigned): Sure Geb. You knew her better than we did anyway. If she shows up again we’ll let her know.
Geb: Good talking to you guys. We’ll see you around.
Homeless Man 1: Yeah, and don’t be a stranger. It would be nice if you came and visited more than once every three months.
Geb: We’ll see you around.

- Geb and Kronate continue walking until they get to a small park. They sit down on a park bench and Geb is lost in thought for a moment.

Geb (worried about Jenny, handing the jacket to Kronate): Well, you have your assignment Kronate. Find Jenny McCallister and I will take you on as my apprentice and induct you into The House of Ariadne. Follow the Threads. You know what to do.
Kronate: Thank you Geb. I accept your challenge.
Geb (walking away): You know where I’ll be.



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